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HONG KONG – While Apple struggles to improve the iPhone 4, Chinese developers have released the iPhone 8.

According to reports out of Korea, Chinese developers have not only copied the iPhone 4, but they are already working on perfecting the iPhone 8.

Insiders at Korean factories, the ones that make the touch panel, the CPU and memory batteries for all iPhones, have disclosed that they are now working overtime on the Chinese-made iPhone 8. “The iPhone8 is not a knock-off.  The Chinese are using the Apple technology and creating a much better, smarter phone,” said Chan Kim of the Hyosung Engineering company.

Chinese leaders consider the iPhone 8 one of the greatest innovations to come out of China in the last year.  “We are very proud of our developers. Soon we will dominate the United States in the communication and technology industries,” said senior Chinese leader, Li Changchung.

The Chinese-made iPhone 8 exceeds the iPhone 4 in ease-of-use, design, speed and efficiency. Chinese developers are creating thousands of new apps for the iPhone 8.

American critics say the Chinese have stolen Apple technology, but the Chinese are insulted by such accusations. “We took existing technology and improved it. Americans should be thankful to us, not condemn us.”

Chinese leaders plan on creating a new company called Chinese Pomegranate.  “Pomegranate, Inc. will dominate the world of phones, laptops, computers, MP3 players and tablet computers” said Changchung.  “We are going to make pPods, pPhones, pPads and pPs.”

The iPhone 8 is the number one selling produced all across China, Korea and is spreading quickly across Asia.  Could Apple’s days as the dominant technology player soon be over?

Apple executives are flying to China to examine the iPhone 8.  The U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke, is also looking into the situation.  “I’m sure the Chinese are not violating any copyrights or intellectual property rights of Apple.”  Locke went on to say, “I bought an iPhone 8 myself… It’s awesome!”

Apple  CEO  Tim Cook was unavailable for comment. He was busy working on the glitches to the iPhone 4

The story broke on the Japanese Bureau of Weekly World News