Advertisers all abandoned Rush, so Clear Channel had no choice.  They’ve reportedly fired the conservative talk show host.
The backlash escalated against Rush Limbaugh in the wake of his attack on Georgetown student Sandra Fluke, who spoke at a Democratic panel in support of insurance coverage for birth-control costs.

On his show, Limbaugh called her a slut and a prostitute and encouraged her to post videos of herself having sex so “so we can see what we’re getting for our money.”
Since then, every single advertiser has dropped Limbaugh’s show, even though he issued a statement saying his “choice of words was not the best” and that he was attempting to be humorous.
Sources close to Clear Channel say that the company, who employs Limbaugh, was left with no choice but to fire him.  His last show will reportedly be this Friday, March 9th.
Dittoheads around the country are outraged – and in mourning.  Some are burning their radios in protest.

Although Limbaug apologized, his apology was forced, and Sandra Fluke did not accept his apology.
Liberal activists and Media Matters (a leftwing media watchdog organization) launched an all-out assault on Limbaugh and – they won.  Rush may even have to leave sooner than Friday.
George Soros reportedly celebrated the news last night by opening a bottle of champagne that was worth over $10,000.  “We got another one.  First Beck, now Limbaugh!” Soros reportedly told friends.  “Two down, fifty more to go.”
The big blow came when eHarmony, who has been a big supporter of Limbaugh, said they would pull all ads – forever.  This was the same thing that happened to Glenn Beck.  He was fired from Fox News because all of the sponsors advertising on his show had left and Beck couldn’t do anything about it.

Limbaugh’s show was hemorrhaging adverstisers and Clear Channel couldn’t stop the bleeding.
Sources in Florida say that Rush Limbaugh will be retiring to his home in Palm Beach.  He reportedly told friends, “The golden EIB microphone is silent now, but I hope I’ve inspired others to take my place.”

President Obama told reporters on Air Force One that it was “a good day for free speech.”  He called Sandra Fluke and congratulated her on being a real patriot.

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15 thoughts on “RUSH LIMBAUGH FIRED!”

  1. Does anyone know if the syndicated program I think is called the War Room is still on the air? I remember they were really popular with the far right back when Bush was still in office.

  2. Limbaugh has been personally responsible for much of the coarsening of political dialogue over the years. I am a liberal, but I have a number of conservative friends, and this guy has made it impossible to talk to them anymore. They just parrot outrageous things from his show rather than try to have a meaningful discussion.
    I say it could happen to a 'nicer' guy…

  3. Okay, I just checked and found that the War Room with Quinn and Rose is still on the air, and is just as rabid as Rush. Theyre based in Pittsburgh PA and can be heard on other stations as well.

  4. its amazing that such idiots have so much influence on so many people,there is the right to free speech but i think no matter your cultural background, we were all thought to respect our fellow human beings.The fact that there are so many individuals that believes in him ,does not say much good about the american people who always tries to tell others how to live their lives when their own is so full hatred and close mindedness, the world has evolved get with the program you pretenders.

  5. This should cost him more than just his radio show. He should have to pay tens of millions of dollars for destroying this woman in the media.

    • Not only did Rush Limbaugh slander Sandra Fluke but he also put his slanderous remarks of the ladies at Georgetown University.

  6. Your SENSATIONAL piece of … uh 'blab' was quite amusing — mostly hogwash.
    And speaking of that, I have a large pig farming enterprise at present. We are in great need of good, strong-minded people like you–people who can really pull off the "hog-wash" routine–hundreds of time per day.
    The pay and perks are very good:
    1. All the hogwash (hogwater) you can drink–on site, no take-outs.
    2. You may eat at the head trough (27 Feet of gleaming aluminum) at days end only.
    Just phone your response to THE DAILY CALLER. They will fly you out for an interview.
    p.s. Do not forget to wear your bibs (bib overalls) to the first interview.

  7. Duhhh he isnt going anywere. That woman spoke in from of a democratic panel and the law of the land says that she is fair game for any political attacks coming from the media or the public. Funny how when a conservative says something mildly offensive everyone is screaming OFF WITH HIS HEAD! But where were people when Sarah Palins daughter was being called a retard. Or when that little black boy on Youtube said he was going to assasinate George W Bush OR when The left wing media was mocking Rick santorum for having a mentally ill child? You left wingers are disgusting. Freedom Of Speech is all Rush is guilty of!


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