Aliens from Planet Gootan are attacking Great Britain.
Thousands of reports have been flooding into authorities across Great Britain.  Most of the reports are from citizens who have seen a bright orange fireball streak across the night skies.
Witnesses from northern Scotland all the way down to Dover have been alarmed by the flash of lights.
British authorities called in experts from the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials, who flew to London to meet the members of Parliament and Dave Cameron’s top military officials.
“We have confirmed that the alien ships flying over Great Britain are from Planet Gootan.  They are flying sorties over the country and dropping space balls on British citizens,” said Dr. Susan Begley, one of the leaders of the U.N. team.  “These space balls are harmless, and look like small meteorites, but they may be signaling a bigger attack, which we anticipate for later this year.”
A florist has come forward to show the press one of the Gootan space balls that hit her store. Joanne Pain, from Redcar  says she discovered the space rock while taking her dog for a walk yesterday.

The 43-year-old said: “It’s heavy and it has what looks like ‘small white chondrules” which we have read are typical of Gootan space balls.
Fiona Markman, 33, from Liverpool watched the fireball pass her house with daughter Gia, 15. She said: “I was watching TV when Chelsea said, ‘Mum, look at the sky’. I was mesmerized — I’d never seen anything like it before.  Then the balls started dropping.”
“I was a bit scared.  The space balls were like big rock of hail, but luckily they didn’t hit us dead on,” said Gia.

Roger Fairey, 41, a delivery man from Manchester, was having a cigarette when he saw the Gootan ship.  “I thought I was seeing things. There was a big ball of fire coming towards me — I didn’t know what to do. My heart started thumping, but then the thing disappeared over the back of my house.”

Police in Blackpool, say that their town was hit the hardest.  “We probably had over 3,000 space balls fall on our town.  There was extensive damage to buildings, but luckily only about thirty citizens were hospitalized and they all seem fine now.”
Here’s the path of one of the Gootan ships:

The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials is following this attack closely… as is WWN.  We will keep readers updated…

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  1. May the shwartz be with you!!! Nobody has come up with anything better than spaceballs. It seems like they are throwing rocks. Are the”spaceballs” being annalized, are there any concerns of secondary threat?

  2. total rubbish ! we have had reports of breaking up comets falling in those areas ,nothing else ,
    im 45 mile from london.

  3. I haven't heard of anyone being attacked in Britain by Aliens, but I do believe we have been visited hence the noisy night skies from time to time. We need to ask ourselves what has happened to their planet could it be that the space junk that humans have left up there for many years have made their planet unhabitable so they have decided to come down here to live with us or could it be the solar flares that are kicking up at the moment that has caused them to flee, I get an awful feeling we may need to do the same too..

  4. this is crazy ' planet gootan jajajaja ' if there is live out there why they havent come yet , i believe in god . aliens jejejeje ..

  5. Seriously Don't mock the possibility that what is being said isn't in anyway a possibility. Laugh it Up… Yes Spaceballs is a F*cking awesome movie, "Comb the Desert.." LoL! And Sure we ain't found shit… Nevertheless… The more unaware and prepared we are as individuals, will ultimately become our global populations demise. Believe the unbelievable because clearly anything is possible.

  6. The secret services is for such things, I'd be faithful that something consctructive will happen soon!
    Beware of human trouble makers in UFOs possibly!

  7. The possibility of this happening is really slim…there might be some cases were it happend but all this seems to connect too much. THE WHOLE END OF THE WORLD cinario seems a little extreme to some viewers but i rest assure that something will happen.wether a change or the end we are all one family,one spieces,one single hope as
    The mayans predicted “The gods will return from the heavens” .
    In my case , I only believe in one God. Mayans knew something we didnt or etleast still dont and if we dont figure it out, were about as dead as the dinosours


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