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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – A billboard near Wyoming has appeared with a familiar face and a funny message!

Located on Interstate 35 near Wyoming, the billboard has a message of “Miss Me Yet?” alongside an image of former President George Bush. At the first, this was thought to be a very elaborate and clever internet trick. However, multiple sources have since claimed that the billboard is very much real.

The billboard seems to fall right into place with President Obama’s declining popularity. The wars, his continued push for healthcare, and unemployment at all time highs have dropped the President in the polls. The message of “Miss Me Yet?” is doing much to help President Obama’s public appeal. Or perhaps it could be an ironic message and be reminding people that things could be worse with President Bush.

The biggest question that remains with the billboard is who paid for it and why? Perhaps it is someone or a group that is very much displeased with President Obama’s current performance.

Check out the actual billboard below.