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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Police are attempting to uncover who wrapped a cat in duct tape and abandoned it!

A cat was found abandoned in a North Philadelphia yard yesterday afternoon. The cat was completely wrapped in duct tape, except for its head.

“I’ve never seen a cat totally wrapped like a mummy before,” said George Bengal, director investigations for the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “Whoever did this is very sick.”


Irissa Torian, a resident of the 2200 block of Edgley Street, was the one who found the cat.

“It’s a damn shame,” she said.

The cat was sedated by workers at the PSPCA so the tape could be cut away by scissors.

A female cat now nicknamed “Sticky”, she is doing well.

“We’re lucky that the tape was not on the cat for a long time. It came off easily,” said Gail Luciani, PSCPA spokeswoman.

The police are offering a $1000 for any tips that lead to the conviction of the animal cruelty culprit.