PHILADELPHIA, PA – Police are attempting to uncover who wrapped a cat in duct tape and abandoned it!
A cat was found abandoned in a North Philadelphia yard yesterday afternoon. The cat was completely wrapped in duct tape, except for its head.
“I’ve never seen a cat totally wrapped like a mummy before,” said George Bengal, director investigations for the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “Whoever did this is very sick.”

Irissa Torian, a resident of the 2200 block of Edgley Street, was the one who found the cat.
“It’s a damn shame,” she said.
The cat was sedated by workers at the PSPCA so the tape could be cut away by scissors.
A female cat now nicknamed “Sticky”, she is doing well.
“We’re lucky that the tape was not on the cat for a long time. It came off easily,” said Gail Luciani, PSCPA spokeswoman.
The police are offering a $1000 for any tips that lead to the conviction of the animal cruelty culprit.

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54 thoughts on “DUCT TAPE CAT”

  1. This makes me sick!!! Some people are so cruel to the animals in this world. Whoever did this..don't worry you'll get yours one day A$$ HOLE!!!

    • Yah, it's a friggin cat. And statistically people who start out harming animals eventually move to humans. So maybe that $1000 dollar reward will one day save someone that you actually do care about.

    • You should have duct tape applied to your private parts. Then again, I don't know if they make teeny tiny rolls of duct tape. Regardless, sign me up and I would be more than happy to rip it off for you when you are uncomfortable. Jerk.

    • It is a living creature. Whomever can harm an innocent animal can harm a child, or an adult. Let's not distinguish between cruelty to animals or to people; it's cruelty, period and it should be punished. If you have moved on from cats, then perhaps an investigation should focus on your actions with appropriate punishment. Thanks Crystall for your suggestion for this sick, sick individual, Mr. Wesson. He needs help.

  2. All living beings should have the right to a decent cruelty- free life. That's why there are laws against this type of thing. $1000 reward? A bargain if the culprit is convicted.

  3. Attitudes like Smith N. Weston — it's just a cat — are what perpetuate the cruelty to animals. I hope the culprit is caught and I'd like to see his punishment being duct taped for a few weeks. Let him live in misery and see how cool his cretinous actions were.

  4. Interesting that if someone harms another person nobody seems to care but if you duct tape up a cat everyone comes unglued. Just like Michael Vick and the dogs, he'll never live that down when NFL players are getting busted doing drugs and date raping people all the time and still play the next game. I'm not saying it is right, I just wish everyone would put the right emphasis on the crimes.

    • The right emphasis on the crimes? We need to get tougher on ALL violent crime. But when crimes are committed against an animal or a child, both which are defenseless, darn straight we need to speak out LOUDLY. Adults can, for the most part, take care of themselves. THEY can raise awareness and a ruckuss. Animals and kids can't. THAT is why people seem to get so upset about things like this. It isn't that people care less about humans — it's just that some people fight more strongly for underdogs.
      And when will we humans finally get a clue that cruelty to people STARTS with things like this? That starts with the crap Vick did?
      Humans are disgusting. Ever hear about the mama cat that ran into a burning building to save its kittens? I know HUMANS who wouldn't do that to save their OWN kids. You can't tell me that some rapist or murderer in jail is better than that cat.
      No animal has ever stabbed me, molested me, or hit me out of anger. Can't say the same for humans.
      Maybe if we all got more up in arms about crimes against humanity and animals, we might have less of it. So instead of crying foul against people who get angry about cruelty to animals, maybe you should be blogging about the NFL players date raping people. Are you doing your part, or are you just coming down on animal lovers?
      By the way, I AM an activist against drunk driving and child abuse. But I also speak out for animals. Just because people love animals doesn't mean they aren't furious about other crimes.

  5. perhaps the owner really loves the cat but has a serious allergy issue?? ….and to protect himself, he coats the cat in a hypo allergenic duct tape suit?

  6. Dude its diffrent if a human can defend it self in any way, maybe not go to the club and get raped or not get into a situation where sh*t can go terribly wrong, its a defense-less cat, its just sadistic. The dude deseves punishment for this. im not a cat person but thats just F***ed up to do.

  7. Seriously, WTF… I mean it is totally wrong. But to say that it is worse they what hate/violent crimes against people is a serious lack in judgment.
    The guy/gal who did this needs help. Cause he will move on to hate/violent crimes against people. That is why it is important to find him, not for the cat it's self. The cat has no sense of judgment, we pay that money to prevent the eventual crimes against people.

  8. Yes, it's a cat, but, it's still a life.
    Don't lesson it because it's not human.
    We have to protect the innocent and weak.
    You need a life intervention course.
    Shame on you

  9. Sounds like a child experimenting to me. While cruel, it does not necessarily mean that the person who taped the cat was beyond help. HE/SHE did leave the head so the cat could breathe. If it had been a screwed-up adult, they probably would have wrapped the head also. Why not suspend judgment until the case is clearer. It annoys me when people jump to conclusions so quickly.

    • you cant assume that it is a child, or that the person is beyond help. you know next to nothing about this situation so dont jump to conclusions yourself.

    • I think we should arrest the Jonas brothers and interrogate them until we get our answers, if months of torture are what we need to find out who's been doing such twisted things to cats, then months of torture it is. There's no need to jump to conclusions when this method is approved by 4 out of 5 dentists.

  10. For those of you who think it is funny, I wish I could meet you……. and I'd LOVE ten minutes with the sick *&^% who did this……

    I cannot think of ANYTHING that woudl make this justifiable! And if YOU can, WOW…. please do us all a favor and crawl back under your rock.

  12. this is sicking. this cat never desved being duct taped
    I'd like to see whoever did this duct taped to prison bars for a whole week with water and food
    protect the animals from abuse stipd jerks sickos.

  13. This is so sadistic. It makes me cry to look at that beautiful little cat and think of the torture she endured. If we humans cannot even take care of little animals, how can we take care of each other and respect Life. No wonder abortion is so widely accepted. Apparently cruelty to animals and murdering babies must fall into the same category, These are acts of selfish, sick people. May God forgive us.

  14. Whoever did this probably never had a pet, and their parents laughed when they would step on ants or chase squirrels when they were a kid. Parents…teach your kids early to respect every living thing…even trees.

  15. I never realized animal cruelty could be so darn funny. I am laughing my butt off. (And before you blast me for not caring about animals, I do my fair share of volunteering with an animal rescue league.)
    BTW…from the pet's perspective…how is this any different than people who put stupid costumes on their pets? That cat totally would have had the exact same expression on it's face if the guy had dressed it in a tutu and tiara.

  16. WTF? WTF? it has fur, u idiots! WTF? what is ur problem? can u get love otherwise? I hope they find the piece of work who did this and tape and tear something uncomfortable

  17. it's a friggin cat………………fark u! Your nation? It's people like u that makes your nation the way it is!
    If u can be that cruel to an animal lord knows what else u are capable of!

  18. Life is life, regardless of species. Humans are capable of far far worse things, genocide being one.
    and for those who think or say "oh its just cat" that cat is more deserving of compassion than 99.9% of the human race. humans are vicious cruel hateful animals… history and our present show that to be fact. animals however don't run around raping,molesting,killing,stealing,shooting,stabbing, and generally being worthless leech on the anus of the earth. i mean C'mon…. people have killed other people over stepping on their SHOES FFS and for the Smith N wesson guy, the 1,000 reward was possibly donated by a person in the private sector. we are in the situation we are because of who is SUPPOSED to be running this country… i try not to judge people over the net no matter how idiotic and small minded they seem but you man…. you're a full on twat… what makes humans more deserving than that animal? look around at what people have done to the planet and to eachother….. (no I'm not a tree hugger….) but seriously… we do nothing but destroy everything for every one good thing we do there are hundreds of thousands of sick depraved actions committed by our species… k, i'm done… (TAKE THAT GRAMMAR TROLLS!!!!!!! lol)

  19. The person that did that is f***edup and I am speaking to all of the people who do s*** like that or animal cruel they can keep the money I hope they find them if I find cats or dog like that I would be p****ed.


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