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LOS ANGELES, CA – Risque photos of Miss USA runner-up and “opposite marriage” defender Carrie Prejean have surfaced on the Internet, but Ms. Prejean is defending her Christian honor.

Prejean shot to stardom last month after declaring at the Miss USA pageant that she was against legalizing same-sex marriage. Due to heavy criticism from blogger Perez Hilton and gay rights groups, Prejean retaliated by becoming the face for the “traditional marriage” movement.

But the website claims they have fully nude photos of Miss California, and have already released one partially-nude photo to prove it. If it is true, these photos would heavily conflict with her evangelical Christian stance.

“I am a Christian, and I am a model,” Prejean said in a press statement. “Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos. Recently, photos taken of me as a teenager have been released surreptitiously to a tabloid Web site that openly mocks me for my Christian faith.

“What that website has failed to state is that those photos were for a special charity calendar. It was to be called, ‘God’s Children’, and was to feature Christians of all different colors, shapes and sizes. There were fat people, deformed people, old people and me. We were celebrating the diversity of God’s creation, so it was important to show us in the nude, imperfections and all.

“If these vicious opponents of traditional marriage wish to sexualize an innocent photo spread, then so be it. But I am not ashamed of my continuing commitment to our Lord and his plan for us.”

Weekly World News researchers were not able to find evidence of the calendar. It is speculated the project was cancelled after an audience for naked unattractive models could not be found.