LOS ANGELES, CA – Risque photos of Miss USA runner-up and “opposite marriage” defender Carrie Prejean have surfaced on the Internet, but Ms. Prejean is defending her Christian honor.

Prejean shot to stardom last month after declaring at the Miss USA pageant that she was against legalizing same-sex marriage. Due to heavy criticism from blogger Perez Hilton and gay rights groups, Prejean retaliated by becoming the face for the “traditional marriage” movement.

But the website TheDirty.com claims they have fully nude photos of Miss California, and have already released one partially-nude photo to prove it. If it is true, these photos would heavily conflict with her evangelical Christian stance.

“I am a Christian, and I am a model,” Prejean said in a press statement. “Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos. Recently, photos taken of me as a teenager have been released surreptitiously to a tabloid Web site that openly mocks me for my Christian faith.

“What that website has failed to state is that those photos were for a special charity calendar. It was to be called, ‘God’s Children’, and was to feature Christians of all different colors, shapes and sizes. There were fat people, deformed people, old people and me. We were celebrating the diversity of God’s creation, so it was important to show us in the nude, imperfections and all.

“If these vicious opponents of traditional marriage wish to sexualize an innocent photo spread, then so be it. But I am not ashamed of my continuing commitment to our Lord and his plan for us.”

Weekly World News researchers were not able to find evidence of the calendar. It is speculated the project was cancelled after an audience for naked unattractive models could not be found.

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  1. Wonder how we all would've judged David when he lusted after Basheeba…bet he at one time felt totally right in his doings, or Abraham when he failed to listen to God and had fun with a concubine, or Sarah, when she laughed at the promises of God…we could go on and on, I admire that the young girl at least testifies in her faith and claims she is NOT perfect. Christians are not perfect, only forgiven…we strive for perfection but we also know that until this flesh dies it will never be completely overcome, only the inner man is perfect for if we are dead to ourselves we are alive….!!! We will always fall, fail, be misled, deceive ourselves…this is no reason to strip the young girl of her Christianity!

  2. Kevin,

    She claims certain people don't deserve the same rights as her, and uses her "Christian beliefs" as the basis for that claim. People then have every right to present evidence that she doesn't live up to the Christian beliefs she espouses .

    Think about it this way. If I claimed that the eating of meat should be outlawed for everyone because killing animals for food is cruel, it would be perfectly legitimate for people to call me on my hypocrisy if they caught me, say, eating a rasher of bacon. If they had photos of me kicking kittens it would be fair game for them to distribute them far and wide.

    Carrie Prejean has willingly made herself an anti-gay marriage spokesperson. She is actively working to deny people rights she takes for granted and doing so based on what her "Christian beliefs" and the Bible say. We have every right to point out the mounting evidence that she is a hypocrite of the highest order-that she does not in any way live according to the Bible or Christian beliefs that she seeks to impose on others by force of law.

    • These photos were taken years ago and give lie to your theory that if you were eating meat while harping on vegetarianism was the only moral way to go. For, if you were to have been a reformed meat eater – one who changed his/her ways over enlightenment achieved over a several year period – as most moral vegetarians are, you would at least have a non- hypocritical high ground to stand on. Perhaps not a logical, or correct one, but a legitimate one.

      As to the actual photos I've seen, If you find these shocking in any manner, for the sake of all that's good, keep your children away from the end aisle displays in the supermarket. Else, they'll be bombarded by the likes of Demi Moore in an even worse state of undress showing her pregnant belly. And whatever you do, don't let them see any JC Penny or such mailing circulars with a lingerie sale going on.

    • And as for nudity being anti-Christian. Wrong. Depends on whether you glory in Gods creation, or lust after sin. You, Buffy, obviously do not see the difference.

  3. Jesus said "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone"..
    I think He has a very wise message to those willing to outwardly condemn homosexual marriages.

    • Not codifying something into law and thus giving it a stamp of approval that it doesn't deserve in no way equates with "casting the first stone."

      It's amazing how many people forget the admonition that came after that event… "go and sin no more."

  4. Did anyone ever stop to consider that she may not consider nudity a sin? Most western countries are not so uptight about the human body as Americans are. If she wants to model naked, many Christian cultures would not raise an eyebrow.

    Yet, she may still have deep set values against homosexuality. If she had come out in a stand against nudity, then appeared topless, she would be a hypocrit. She didn't do that. She's never said that nudity was immoral, only homosexuality. That's her opinion and her right to express it.

  5. I am ABSOLUTELY disgusted, by the COWARDICE . the people who have shown NO backbone to defend this nice young lady from the forces of filth on the Left. The degenerate NOBODY known as Perez Hilton, attacks this GORGEOUS and fairly intelligent young lady, and NOBODY has any courage to defend her.

    This filthy degenerate NOBODY, known as Perez Hilton, has proven that he is filth—in his dirty mouth, in his twisted deathstyle, and in his uncalled for attacks on a pretty and talented young lady. WHY cannot this NOBODY known as Perez show respect for people who are NOT mentally and morally ill?

    I am not willing to see these mentally ill vermin tear apart society, in the same way that they have torn apart each other's anuses.

    Mock marriage threatens society. Homosexual conduct is an abomination. Premature death and HIGH levels of severe mental illness in the "gay" culture speak volumes. Gay suicide is nearly three times the level of straight society, as are drug addiction, depression, schizophrenia, and OF COURSE syphillis and HIV/AIDS.

    If you are infected with this mental and MORAL illness—GET HELP.

  6. The gay folks have the SAME RIGHTS as NORMAL people.Men can marry women. No different rights.

    If the homosexuals want MORE RIGHTS, should other people have the "right" to marry their parents or children?

    Homosexual behavior is an ABOMINATION. Laws should not exist to re-define marriage, and to lower our society LOWER on the streps to oblivion.

    If gay people are unhappy with that—TOO BAD. Get psychiatric healp. You are MORALLY, MENTALLY, AND MEDICALLY ILL.

    GEt help and heal your illness.

  7. I have spoken in her defense, FYI, on several of these sites. However, it doesn't mean I agree with her point of view. And it's ironic that the same people who feel that she is being branded as intolerant are so intolerant of others.

    With that said, the fact that you think it's ok to to say that homosexuality is a mental and moral disease is absolutely ludicrous. The bottom line is that you are no better than those who esposed segregation, and who fought to make laws requiring different fountains, restrooms, etc for whites and blacks. There is NO difference between the two. You are just hiding behind the Bible for your narrow-mindedness.

    It's time that we recognize that just because people don't think like we do they are "moraly and mentally sick". I am tired of the hypocrisy of those who espouse hatred and exclusion and use the Bible as their justification. But they forget that the Lord says, in the same Bible, "Judge no lest ye be judged." Do any of you remember that? I doubt it.

  8. Anything that can be done to try to discredit someone who speaks out, eh? Planks and specks people. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. She is a beautiful girl, and God created us naked. Dependent onthe intent of the pictures, they may have been to glorify creation. I rather doubt they were to incite lust, e.g. Penthouse.

  9. And Hymie, I just did. If nude pictures of myself were on the net, they would be clean. As I'm sure hers were. Again, we were created that way, in Gods perfect wisdom. Lust is the impurity of Satan. Or the muslims, but that's OT.

  10. It appears the photo is nothing more than what you would see in magazine advertising-it fact-it WAS modeling photo's for magazine advertising. I am very saddened by the publicity and attitudes some have directed at Ms.Prejean. She appears to be a very lovely and charming young lady. I am somewhat undecide on the issue of calling a union between same sex members -'Marriage' but I certainly think they ought to have the same rights and responsibilities when entered into a legal union. I believe Ms.Prejean(boy she is one gorgeous girl!)answered the question asking for her opinion very well-given she had only a second to think about it. I have known gay people before and just as with any other people, some I think are wonderful human beings and some I have found to be despicable people.Having never heard of him before the past two weeks, my impression of Pariz Hilton seems to be toward the latter of those two descriptions. Seems to me the biggest error involved in the pagent was allowing Mr.Hilton to ask such a devicive question and for that I question the leadership of the Miss U.S.A. officials.

  11. (Cont.-p.2)I found Mr. Hilton's response and his vulgar antics after the pagent to be extremely counterproductive to his cause and the light that it shines on 'liberal' minded people-of which I am one. Her opinion was exactly that-Her opinion. It was not demeaning and did not cause her to sound petty or bigoted. I think it was a very inapproiate question for a beauty pagent but I think she answered it very tactfully-reguarding her own opinion-which was the basis of the question. I really don't give two hoots about Mr. Hilton's future or lack thereof-hopefully he will slide back into the slimy obscurity he dribbled out from. Reguarding Ms. Prejean(Wow, what a beauty-did I already say that?), I was very impressed with how she presented herself and particularly with a certain intelligent beauty(oops, there I go again-do you suppose I might be biased?),awareness that seemed to eminate from her eyes. That is something I have noticed lacking in many 'beauty' contestants.

  12. (Cont-P.3)I fearfully hope she does not allow herself to be sidetracked by Christian Right, anti-gay,anti liberal,evangelical,holier than thou, political crusaders who will exploit her faster than porn producers will a runaway 17year old virgin looking for a place to stay and companionship-and will not give two hoots about her own future once they've had their way with her or at some point realize she's not as 'perfect in every way' that they believe themsleves to be. She needs to be wary of those factions-reguardless of her own convictions on religion,politics,and sex. So she didn't get the Miss U.S.A. title. She should have. She has all the beauty,intelligence,poise, charm,and grace that anyone would ever expect of a Miss U.S.A., and so far she still represents what mainstream America is proud of. If she allows herself to be pegged as the next Anita Bryant her future will be very limited.

  13. Hymie, I completely agree with you about Perez Hilton. What he said about Prejean was disgusting. It's completely pathetic for a judge to ask a question to a beauty pageant contestant while fully knowing that he'll tear her apart if she doesn't answer the way HE wants her to. This is a free country, and everyone is intitled to their opinions. I also believe that if what Prejean says is true, she has every right to be nude, being naked does not necessarily imply sexual connotations.
    However, I do believe it is unfair to call gays "mentally and morally and medically ill". You talk about suicide and depression and drug addiction, do you not realise that all those things happen BECAUSE of people like you? All this intense hatred and venom against someone different than you. THAT'S WHY gays get depressed, because people like you make it extremely difficult for them to live their lives.
    Most gay people just want to live in peace and would never want to do anything to harm you or your family. Yet you call them "digusting vermin".
    Finally, I find it quite disturbing how people like you and Carrie Prejean use Jesus and the Bible to justify your hatred and bigotry. When did Jesus ever say it was okay to hate, to discrimate against those who are different? The Bible's message is one of love and peace, you are distorting the Christian religion in a unacceptable way. Frankly, I believe you are the one who needs medical help, you are disgusting.

  14. First and foremost, I couldn't care less whether Gay people get married or not. It doesn't affect me, so why should I care? What does affect me, is the fascist thought police punishing and persecuting anyone who believes differently. Why is it always the "voice of tolerance" that seems to perpetuate the highest degree of intolerance? Yes Perez, you are the voice of intolerance.

    This woman did not attack those who support gay marriage. She was asked an inappropriate question by a publicity seeking hack. Now, she has been attacked, targeted and drug through the mud for having the audacity to have her own opinion. What does this woman think? That she lives in a free country? That she is entitled to her opinion? Well I guess she knows now doesn't she? Tolerance has been redefined by the left to mean accepting any view that has already been approved by the thought police. Wow, thanks, that's awfully big of you to give us permission to do what you tell us.

  15. Guess what, a large cross section of this nation doesn't believe in Gay marriage, but I guess their opinion doesn't matter, and they should be silenced. I suppose that's the country they want to build for us. A country where we are free to do or believe what the psuedo-intellectual elite tells us to. If you disagree, guess what, you have every right to keep quiet or else be harrassed, threatened, persecuted and punished for exercising your constitutional rights. Yay, fascism!

    When an agenda trumps the rights and will of the people, fascism isn't far behind. Would she have been persecuted for supporting Gay marriage? Even though many do not. Of course not, because then she would have an acceptable opinion, and the homo-nazis would have no problem with that. When freedom only protects the popular opinion, than it doesn't exist in the first place.

  16. A liberal friend of mine's attitude sums it up perfectly, we were discussing the issue, and he basically said he had no problem with the terroristic threats and attacks lodged against those who opposed Gay marriage. That belief and the behaviors of the Pro Gay marriage protestors sends one message loud and clear, and that message is agree with us or else. Strong arm politics at it's worst. Bullying the legislature to ignore the will of the people, you know, the people, the very root of democracy. That might not matter to the left, but the will of the people is paramount to me and millions of patriotic Americans that believe in democracy. If the thought police can't accept that, than maybe they should go elsewhere. There are many nations that may well embrace the fascist totalitarian regime that the left is trying to force on us, and they should probably go there.

    Bottom line, that question had nothing to do with anything other than getting Perez publicity, which was his goal. He wanted her to pitch one of his causes, and when she was unwilling, she had to pay. The question is, how many will sit around while they try to do the same to the rest of us.

  17. Time to put this nonsense to bed. Its sad that the goat faced guy was born gay, but its just as well because he probab;y won't produce offspring. Gays should go out and invent their own type of union if its that important to them but leave the invention of marriage to heterosexuals

  18. The never ending debate on T&A…it never fails to amaze me. When WILL it end? We've all seen T&A before does she have 3 boobs or a misshappen arse or something? Big deal she went around in her birthday suit…I don't really see what the big dealy-o is about it? Please somebody hep me lawd!!

  19. What century are you living in? You, sir, need to read history and medical books. Read about the British decipherer who broke the codes to the Nazi's messaging network. Homosexuality is not an illness. Deep seated, unfounded fear of others is; are you familiar with the term, phobia? As in homophobia?

    Where is your basis for the statement that gays have the same rights as NORMAL people? Here, I'll ask, what planet are you living on? Whereas, in the US, an unemployed woman living in the projects can pop out tons of kids by different fathers, and the state helps feed them. But let two responsible, caring, loving committed, TAX PAYING adults try to adopt, and they get shot down. Why? Because they are gay. To sum up: in the morally upright US, it's okay to be an unmarried whore and produce lots of uncared for children, but don't dare let two gays marry and adopt any unwanted children.

    Where does the real abomination lie?

    Get informed before you spew your unfounded lies and hate.

    • He is actually right about having equal rights. If the law says that a man can marry a woman and a woman can marry a man that applies to all! That is equal. To say a person of a given sexual proclivity has the right to marry because it is "fair" what other proclivities are to follow. Polygamy, incest. In fact, polygamists are already gearing up to fight on the same argument as the gay right coalition.
      Your attack is a logical fallacy. To say that one argument has a flaw thus your own garners some value or merit not inherent to it is a false argument. Thus, because a woman can have many children and not care for them is an abomination and is "okay" then as is homosexuality should be "okay" also; that does not make it right or a a proper argument. Furthermore, it is not legal as your argument implies. It is illegal to abuse and neglect children. As to being a whore and having children out of wedlock. Are you suggesting the conservative take up that as their next big fight?

    • Deep seated, unfounded fear of others is…

      I"ve never understood this reasoning. Wouldn't a heterosexual's repugnance towards homosexuality be a biological imperative rather than "unfounded'?

      And acutally, if you look up the meaning of NORMAL you would recognize that he is using it correctly. Homosexuality is abnormal. Heterosexuality is normative.

    • I personally have an aversion to cockroaches. Can't say that I fear them, as when I see them if I can't slap them with a shoe, I will use the palm of my hand in a pinch.

      I also have aversions to lots of things without fear being a factor.

      For instance, I am averse to perversions that were prevalent at the fall of all too many formerly great civilizations (Roman, Greek, etc.)

    • Someone is missing the 1950's As in Separate but Equal? LOL Get a life.
      Slavery was perfectly legal and sanctioned by the church for millennia.
      Religion is all concocted by men full of fear and wish to control. Ever told kids a scary story in the wilderness? See their eyes? Same thing was done with ancient Shamans.
      Is there a GOD? I can guarantee you that if there is he,she,it is not as petty and small minded as we are. No one can own GOD if there is one! GMAFB! Get over yourselves.
      We are nothing but maggots in the great scheme of things, the importance we give ourselves is laughable indeed.

  20. The never ending debate on T&A…it never fails to amaze me. When WILL it end? We've all seen T&A before does she have 3 boobs or a misshappen arse or something? Big deal she went around in her birthday suit…I don't really see what the big dealy-o is about it? Please somebody hep me lawd!!

  21. P Hilton's strategy backfired. I agree with phoenix he saw a golden opportunity to push an agenda. Prejean just didn't fall for it she responded from a position of her personal belief. Hilton expected she would say anything to win the crown as perhaps many others may have. There are many references made to the bible but verses should not be picked out at random and used as weaponry against anyone. God always spoke in love and compassion but he spoke the truth. At times the truth isn't an easy pill to swallow. I do not support the homosexual lifestyle because God who created us for a purpose has said so however i will never spit out hate or hurt words to my brothers and sisters. I will never support violence against anyone We must extend the hand of love and friendship without compromising; not of bigotry.
    Unfortunately this group have been lashed out against for so long that they are fighting back and in so doing are taking the position that no one should have an opinion different to theirs. This is the response of desperation and anger not of rational individuals but then sin is not rational.

  22. I think most self labled Christians are hypocritical bigots, why would God care if someone posed nude? I mean didn't God create the human body in his own image? And homophobes need to get over the gay marriage thing. Who cares who marries who. Is it really going to affect you? How can you tell someone they're going to hell because they're gay? Is this first hand knowledge? If God is going to send people to hell for their sins it's going to be a crowded place!

    • i am not a christian. i am an antichristian. but i also care who marries who. because i care about my community.

  23. Many here miss the point. Whether her statements about gay marriage are right or wrong, (Maine approved it today so the approval of people like her would seem to be irrelevant), she signed a statement that she never appeared in nude (or partially) nude photos. (Apparently, the pageant officials have a problem with soft porn, though some of her Christian defenders apparently don't.) So the pageant officials will have every right to yank her title, for she lied when she signed that statement. And that will probably be good for her, because it will free her to speak as a "nobody," whose opinion is equally as important as anyone else's, and not give her a platform.

  24. These photos are completely irrelevant to the argument about gay marriage.I support the idea of gay marriage but here is what all these woman's opponents need to get through their heads- that no talent Hilton boy asked her a question and she answered, and now she's being persecuted for it. If anyone should get criticism it is Hilton for asking such a politically loaded question in a beauty pageant. You Americans have got to pull out of all this dishonest, ideologically driven claptrap or you may as well surrender to the indians and the chinese right now.

  25. She didn't condemn homosexual marriage. She simply stated her opinion about it based on her upbringing. She could have lied when posed the question but didn't. Why shouldn't she receive the same level of tolerance for her belief system as those who are proponents of gay marriage? Especially from those who are said to be so tolerant of all opinions and belief systems – what they should really say is that they're tolerant, but only if you agree with them, otherwise we'll villify you and that's what's happened to her.

  26. This is all over someones beliefs when asked for them. These pics are not nudes, these are pics of a model doing what a model does. If she answered any other question she would have been in the same boat. The left is running out of attacks.

  27. If Perez Hilton had asked Miss Prejean "What do you think of a black man being president?" and Miss Prejean had replied "I don't agree with it, I believe black people shouldn't have the same civil rights white people have. No offense, that's just how I was raised".
    What do you say then? Do you say "She has the right to have an opinion, it's a free country, liberals are trying to take over" etc.
    I realise that it may not be wise to compare the civil rights movement to the LGBT movement but let's face it, 50 years ago, the above answer wouldn't have sounded so out of place.
    Perez Hilton is a dumbass, but maybe, I can understand where he's coming from. To someone like him, the answer Miss Prejean gave had the same effect on him the answer above would have had on a black person. It is wrong to fight hatred with more hatred, but just think about it: gays just wanna have their rights and live in peace. They don't want to bother anybody. People like Miss Prejean simply react to this out of fear, but they shouldnt. What are you afraid of? Homosexuals breaking into your homes and raping your children? Please, this is the 21st century folks.

    • further degredation of the family unit. further deterioration of the social network. that is what people are as you put it afraid of. personally, i believe if two gay people hook up, they should have some rights…like visiting their lover in the hospital. but it is not a marriage and i can not see how it is in the interest of anyone to financially support it. it produces nothing but controversy.
      my school has the flag signifying homosexuality at the same height as the pow flag. now, forgive me for being so 'afraid' of homosexuals, but do they really deserve the same honor and respect as those take as prisoners in war for our country?
      i am not anti-gay actually. but this whole fiasco of a woman having an opinion which is not easy for some to swallow is ridiculous. and asking the question was ridiculous.

    • Jim,

      You're a moron. Your attempt at a comparison to somehow make it sound like she was speaking out against civil liberties is ridiculous. God's word doesn't say elected officials should be one color or another. It does say marriage is between a man and a woman. Nice try, but not a very effective argument.

    • Hahhahahahaha, you're an idiot! An opinion is simply that and interjecting a "what if they said this or asked that" is the most idiotic method for proving your gay ass agenda. No, the simple truth is that all the queers out there MUST be heard and anyone who doesn't agree is a racist or bigot. This is the 21st century and I DON'T SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE nor THE MURDER OF UNBORN BABIES!!!

  28. I'm sorry but even citing as many biblical references as you want, if you believe homosexuality is immoral and make comparisons to marrying your sister. You are a bigot and should be viewed the same as a racist. The cure for ignorance is education and exposure.

  29. I don't see how taking a few "racy" pics for a career is cause to say she's a hypocrite. She was asked point blank what she believed marriage should be. I for one agree with her. I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. God created Adam and Eve. NOT Adam and Steve or Beth and Eve. that's all there is to it. She answered the question honestly, and at the same time said that she wasn't trying to offend any of those who don't believe that way. The only reason anyone even knows who she is is cause a gay idiot asked a question that he(she) knew would cause controversy. All he did was show his arrogance. None of us have followed the 10 commandments to the exact letter, but we all believe the way we do and should be treated like crap because a bunch of homo's don't like the way we think.

  30. The first amendment gives everyone the right to free speech. This right does not just apply to liberals. Why is it when a conservative says what they think it is racist or politically incorrect yet someone like Perez Hilton can spread his hate and no one questions it. In the left's twisted mind Its okay for someone from PETA to blow up a meat packing facility and kill people but its not okay to eat cattle. The left always preaches tolerance yet they are the most intolerant people I have ever met. Just because I have a different view from someone doesn't mean I have the right to silence them, nor would I want to. If everyone were the same and thought the same then this would be a very boring world we live in.

  31. I agree with you Jim. There is intolerance from the Left as well as the Right. Just because you don't agree with what someone is doing doesn't give you the right to silence them. There is a difference between tolerance and acceptance. We can live side by side with others in tolerance while not necessarily having to accept our neighbors actions or lifestyle. I have Lesbian neighbors, I don't agree with their lifestyle but I doesn't mean that they aren't good people and that we can't get along. Just because we don't see eye to eye on a few issues doesn't mean that we don't agree on the majority of issues.

  32. Steve,

    My comment was not an accusation of hypocrisy on Miss Prejean's part as on the part of some of her defenders. They complain that the left only allows those who agree with them to speak freely, yet they are just as guilty of attacking and trying to silence the others. I think this country is in much more trouble due to the level of intolerance which has become prevalent the last 20 years than because we do or don't allow gay marriage. And I agree that she is entitled to her opinion. But, the Peagant she represents is her employer, and she agreed to represent them to best of her ability, and it's also clear the Peagant doesn't espouse exclusionary thinking. Does that mean she should be fired? I don't think so. But she should be asked to make it clear that these opinions are her own, and not those of all Californians, and certainly not the views of the Peagant.

  33. Whats the big deal about a few pics in lingerie. It is about the same as the swimsuit contest.

    All the freak lefties and anti-normal marriage losers should take a deep breath and think. It is exactly the tolerance they seek for their unusual behavior (gay marriage, buggery, whatever else), that they seek to deny to Ms. prejean.

    Is it ok to slander someone for their beliefs. Apparently the pro homosexual marriage crowd beleives you can slander and belittle people if they do not agree with their beleifs. How else do you condone the pitiful behavior (name calling, etc.) of total losers like peres hilton, shala moakler and the the flaky gay pagaent people. They need more mentally stable (and more intelligent) people to run (and judge) the beauty contest than those bizarre freaks.

  34. What a croc of s—. You see more on a beach than you do in these photos. The gays will do anything to get her including trying to discredit her through "scandle" which is what that twit Preze Hilton tried to do along with his sympathizers on the MIss California USA pagent.

  35. Wow, she's against gay marriage! Let's find some dirt on her and leak it on the Internet! That'll prove how noble our cause is! Yeah!

  36. So only people who lead a perfect life can cal themselves Christians? Then how come people who are not complete morons call themselves liberals?

  37. These gay people u attack with yer heartless, ignorant, and empty-headed opinions and commentary (while using the bible as yer cloak and crutch) would undoubtedly live A LOT longer in peace if they didn't hafta deal w/ u and yer ilk…so, either crawl back under yer rock(s) or jus' fall off the face a' the Earth…Puh-Leaze!

    U easily need ta be the 1st one in line seekin' HELP…so, go get IT!

  38. Not like I believed my comment would be approved. Let me try this one: Bush is evil, Bush is Hitler, Carrie Prejean is both evil and Hitler.

  39. Just to a point to all you people making asses of yourselves, and excuses for your dirty lifestyle. You should all be shipped to an island where you can co-mingle and do what you want and keep your disease away from us.
    One of the comments I've heard against this young lady is that "she had no rights to say what she said about same sex marriage, she is vying for a seat that represents America and America is a free country." Well to people who think like that I would like to point out that she is dammed free to make her beliefs know and to stand up for those beliefs.

    • So in one statement you suggest shipping gays off to a island to 'co-mingle'. Then later in the same statement, you say this is a free country. You, are a moron.

  40. he (or she) that thinks (s)he stands take heed lest he fall. if what the word of God is anything to go by (as it is), and old things are passed away, can we let her be? i have seen that there's no amount of sermonizing that will change the mind of anyone destined for perdition.

    as for our lil angel, please pray for her if you think she is likely to go wrong. people in the media, as well as (especially) those in the limelight (celebs) and are Christians, are on a tight rope, and so need praying for. please?

  41. I agree with what someone else said. Whom says she thinks being naked is a sin ?

    And second yet. Who actually cares ?

  42. There's a difference between not believing in Gay marriage as a lifestyle for one's own self and trying to force that personal lifestyle choice on everyone else. Freedom does not mean that a majority belief can allow the taking away of other people's choices. There's many people who don't believe in Gay marriage who haven't turned it into a political agenda that empowers the government to act on their behalf.

  43. Marriage is defined by God as a union between a man and a woman. You cannot make up something called a homosexual marriage anymore than you can make up a new color called green red. If homosexuals want to have something like a marriage but between two men or two women, then come up with a name for it and go for it. Just stop trying to take an institution that was defined in the Bible and change it's meaning.

    • So, if you believe that the definition of marriage comes only from the bible, then you must be ignorant of the fact that all across the world, all across history, cultures that never knew the bible or the god called Yahweh had the institution of Marriage. You betray your ignorance, or your reliance on a book filled with contradiction. Maybe both.

  44. her opinion is her opinion. period. she was asked and she answered. stupid F#@%#g question to begin with. Insofar as the rest goes, it is irrelevant.

  45. You were doing good up until the comparison of the civil rights movement in the sixties. I won't go into why because the fact that you used that as a parallel is a reflection of something about you that goes far beyond the subject matter. However, you do reflect the intelligence to eventually understand the monumental error of that comparison. All the best to you and yours.

  46. I think there's a much better choice to represent the opposition to gay marriage. Remember Barrack Obama & Joe Biden? They hold the same view as Ms. Prejean, but apparently they're cool.

  47. Perez Hilton is a idiot who was Nobody till this event. Having said that he accomplished notoriety and elevated Ms. Prejean to a cultural icon and fortune. Does anyone expect anyone to forsake their indoctrination of origin? Did you expect anyone who has been indoctrinated for years and years to know better that to repeat that which brings her approval and reinforcement.
    Pretty? Yes! Talented? To be seen. The way that Homosexuals are ostracized is Satanic to say it in your language. Pathetic in my view. You would suffer more psychological and psychiatric ailments if you were treated like they are too. It is called Cause and Effect. To assume that Gay people are more promiscuous that Straight people is a leap but I will bite. If you are already 'Going to Hell' I guess you minus well have at it! You are already in Hell with your Demented Beliefs. Religion is the most imminent threat to life in history. PERIOD

  48. This is so crazy, we as Christians have EVERY RIGHT to voice what we believe is wrong, as do people who believe it is ok for someone to be a homosexual. For some reason people believe it is perfectly fine to have a "gay parade" and voice their opinions about how they should be able to have gay marriages and live as they want, but when someone, or even a PREACHER, preaches from the bible what they believe, it isn't ok….HOW is that fair???

  49. Just that statement sums you up for all of us, thank you for such an intelligent and enlightening view on things…

  50. Extreme liberals want to destroy freedom of speech. If they can't, they'll try to make everyone with a comment that disagrees with them uncomfortable, at the very least. Evangelicals do not represent or speak for all Christians. Apart from the self-righteous who say they are Christian are those who not only believe in, but also follow the teachings of, Jesus Christ. They aren't pushy, don't act "holier than thou." However, these many Christians who humbly carry out his words and works get unfairly judged as being one body with the self-righteous. They are a separate body, the true one, the church. Liberals and evangelicals alike could learn a lot from their example of love your neighbor, that is, keeping the peace.

  51. Prejean-Miss Hypocrite
    Carrie Prejean, the Miss California contestant, was correct about homosexuality! It is mortal filth
    and condemned by God's Word…but Prejean poses semi nude and topless EXPOSING HER
    BREASTS and revealing the bottom of her buttocks…then lied about it…and then she parades
    her body around in the Miss California Pageant EXPOSING HER PARTIAL BREASTS and
    buttocks in a sexual immoral swimsuit before the world! She is 100% a HYPOCRITE and
    she does NOT represent Jesus Christ nor a Christian!!
    Jesus said it this way, "Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery
    with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better
    for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into Hell." [Mt. 5:28,29]

  52. chris is going crazy. If i was dude i woulda been getting the girls trust me. I can out compete chris,but i gotta admit he still is good at what he does.

  53. Of course its hypocritical of her. In no way, shape or idea does the Bible say nudity is okay. Even Adam and Eve covered themselves, and they were the only 2 people on earth and were married by God himself! So, if a wedded couple without anyone to see them cover themselves up then read the writing on the wall, you're putting yourself out there to be an item of lust, not of Christian Charity (which I applaud – the Christian Charity part, not the nudity) . : ) So, yes, its obviously hypocritical. The Bible says that most people want to "have their ears tickled," meaning that they look for the scriptures, lessons and churches that tell them what they want to hear, not necessarily the "truth" that the Bible says 'throughout' but just a few scriptures here and there that seem to support what they like.

    So, yes, SHE IS A HYPOCRITE.

  54. God has cursed the people who lust after their own sex. Where they were destroyed still lies in ruin in the middle east. NOthing lives their but it still bares its name. I don't say this because I just want to this Is what God has said. If gay people lived some where by themselves there would come about nothing. The town would be no more. You must have a union of a man and a woman to continue the human life. So how is a union that will fell in life to exist on its own the same as a union that has grown families, towns, cities, nations, world bodies. Gay people it is your choice to be gay. We don't hate you for that . Its your choice. We are not the same. When
    We get married we expect to have a child. What do you expect? Are we the same? ..

  55. This has nothing to do with the 'left.' This whole thing is a creature of our pop-culture media…meaning any publication or TV show that can get their hands on this. The question that was posed to her in the pageant should never have been asked. She was a victim of stupidity, and was put on the spot with this ridiculous question…a question that our culture can't come to terms with.

  56. there was no clothing until they(Adam&Eve) ate of the forbidden fruit and brought in sin didn't even know about clothing so read the bible if you are going to use it to blame someone in which you don't even have the right "He who is without sin cast the first stone" THE BIBLE


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