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BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – Google Street View users have discovered what appears to be an alien next to a mysterious beam of light!

The image was taken by one of Google Street View’s Camera Cars in Diamond Hill Road, in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. The object on the left has an undeniable resemblance to that of famous movie alien E.T.


Malcolm Robinson, head of the Strange Phenomena Investigations, said the image was “the first of its kind”.

“On close inspection the similarities with E.T. are obvious but it’s hard to say with any certainty what exactly it is. Of added interest is the strange beam of light to the right, which I cannot explain either.”

“Without further details to go on I’m really stumped. We’d all love it to be alien, but that’s a big assumption.”

Alternate theories are being presented, such as the “beam of light” being merely a glitch in the software, where two images were stitched together improperly.

However alien enthusiasts are enouraged by the fact that only three months ago, police in nearby Morris County were called about a series of unidentified flying objects that appeared. Dozens of citizens watched saw five flickering red lights in the night sky above.

Local resident and pilot Paul Hurley said: “I’ve been in the aviation industry about 20 years, so I knew they weren’t airplanes”.