KIRYAT YAM, ISRAEL –  There are multiple reports of Israeli mermaids coming onshore.
Sea creatures have made their presence known in the coastal town of Kiryat Yam. Says one resident, “We are so shocked that they have begun showing up here. They usually observe below the surface, but we think this year they may be looking to spend the summer with local residents.”
Another witness said, “Those mermaids are usually so snobby, always drumming up excitement and then leaving to go back to the depths of the sea as soon as they get some attention. I hope they choose one or the other before they start upsetting the locals.”

Being elusive creatures, many aren’t convinced that what has been spotted in the Israeli town are in fact mermaids.
“They just looked like pretty ladies with funny feet to me,” said one elderly resident. “But if they want to observe the holidays with me, I’d be happy to have them!”
But not everyone has been so welcoming. “They need to go back where they came from. They are scaring the children and bringing too many strangers to our shore. It’s disrupting the peace,” said one woman.

Regardless of the naysayers, town officials have begun erecting small pools of water in local synagogues in hopes that the mermaids will feel welcome to spend their holiday with residents.
“We’ll do what it takes to make the merpeople feel as though they can come together with us as a unified people…of sorts.”[/mpoverlay]

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  1. I KnEW mermaids were real!! 😉 I love their siren song…you can hear it off any coast on magical moonlit nights…this sighting proves that pretty ladies with funny feet are FAN-tas-TIC hahaha…I'm just a funny lady with pretty feet – does that count?

  2. thats not a picture of a real mermaid. thats just a dummy that someone made to hoax people.. if it was a real mermaid it would have been ALL OVER THE NEWS. -_-

  3. people….mermaids..they are real but they are dangerous if u come too close to them they will surely drown u….

  4. The mermen off the shore of isreal are actually quite dangerious. The propaganda portrayed by the white light beings would have you think that Mermaids and Mermen are actually splendid creatures with no ill will when infact the mermen in particular have been known to kill men. They are the inspiration behind Stargate Atlantis' wraith characters and should be hunted and killed to the last one.
    A great evil is at the helm and we are to choose between this evil and the dangers of the water. Which is your choice?

  5. We humanoids as the suppose intelligent beings we claim to be are not capable of co-existing with one another, how can we accept any other life forms on this planet or others that threatens our own way of life. The insecurity of the government's who claim to protect us by conjuring, concealing and keeping secrets from us for our greater good. As if they were gods themselves but life and history has taught us that the truth will always reveal itself and prevail.
    The time has come to be enlighten so be ready don't be afraid and open your minds for the truth will set you free, don't listen to the naysayers prepare yourself for what's to come, its time to stop defining our existence by what we own and how much materialistic possessions we have. Lets rejoice and embrace everyone on the planet and else where, remember that only through communication, understanding and trust we can all advance as a civilization but if we let fears, mistrust , ignorance ,insecurities or governments misguide us we will all in most likelihood perish as a civilization.

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    • Well,there is so much we don´t even know about the things we can prove exsist. I am of the inclanation that just because it is not known to our science does not make it untrue.As a matter of fact the spirtual worls and the worlds in between are probably more real and full than our own,only time will tell.

  7. Yes, they do exist. They are the Mer People. But they don't look as we picture them in movies/cartoons. They are half human-half dolphins; no scales.

  8. Excuse me, do you know why Korean news website always broadcast this as truth? Of course, I'm Korean


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