LONDON – A fleet of nine flying objects has been spotted on Google’s Street View in East London. Are aliens revealing themselves to the public?

Nine silvery orbs can clearly be seen in the sky above a bookshop on Wolverley Street, in the neighborhood of Bethnal Green. They are in a very tight formation, which has led many to believe they are not just dust on the camera lens.

A pedestrian can even be seen looking up to examine the objects:


Bethnal Green residents have no idea what to make of the picture, and Google itself does not have much of an answer. “For us it just shows how Street View is an interesting tool for users,” said a spokesman.

This comes only a week after an alien was spotted on Google Street View, as well as a ghost floating around in Cardiff.

What is going on? Are supernatural elements reaching out to us through Street View?


  1. Cant be a camera artifact, if you go to the street view you can see the people across the street looking up at the objects. I looks like had to be something out of the ordinary, or else it wouldn't have brought all the extra attention.

  2. I don't know whether I should put comment here.. Actually, I saw the same nine matrix object when I was on the way to the office in the noon. I live in Irvine, California.

    I never thought I could see a real UFO before…..

  3. i have seen exaccally the same every thrusdy night when i come home from guieds you can see hovering object flying throught the sky. at first i thought planes deffo i though about it they were round plus going way! too fast for a planee …

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