Notre Dame announced  that it’s football program is joining the SEC.
Notre Dame recently announced that it would jump to the ACC from the Big East.  Irish joined the Atlantic Coast Conference as a full member in all sports except for hockey and football.
After the devastating defeat at the hands of Alabama in the national title game,  Notre Dame shocked the sports world by announcing it will be joining the SEC.  They will be replacing Vanderbilt in the Easter Division.  Vanderbilt will now be joining the ACC.
“Notre Dame has always been independent,” Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick reportedly said.  “But the landscape of college football is changing and our football program will now be competing with the top teams every week.”

Notre Dame Wake Forest Football

Notre Dame will begin playing it’s SEC games in 2014.  “We are confident that we can win the SEC in our first year,” an assistant coach told WWN.  “The Alabama game was anomaly.  We want to prove once and all that we can beat all the SEC teams on a regular basis.  Notre Dame will dominate the SEC in its first year.”
Throughout  a news conference, the President of Notre Dame, Father Jenkins, said Notre Dame was “all in with the SEC.”   Sources say that joining the SEC is the reason why Brian Kelly decided not to join the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles.  “Brian wants to take on the SEC and… dominate. That’s why he’s staying at Notre Dame,” a source close to Kelly said.


John Swofford, the A.C.C. commissioner, said Notre Dame reneged on its recent deal.  “They agreed to play 5 games a year against ACC teams.  How could they do this to our conference?”
Notre Dame representative told WWN that the competition for football in the ACC was weak and that Notre Dame needs to be playing Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia every year.  “We want to whoop them year in and year out,” said an athletic coordinator at Notre Dame.
SEC schools were stunned.  “They made a big mistake joining our conference,” said a Bama fan.  “Every team in the SEC will trounced Notre Dame.  Spank them like we did in the BCS championship game.   They’ll go running back to the ACC soon enough.”
The Fighting Irish are ready to take the South!

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