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Several UFOs were spotted over Los Angeles last night.

UFOs were flying in the skies over LA  last night.  The U.N. sent there UFO chasers to Los Angeles to follow them and identify them.

“They’re from Zeeba.  Absolutely.  Wer’e positive,” said  UFO chaser,  Dante D’Alessandro, who has been following UFOs since the late 1980.

“The shape, size, duration of flight over the city.  The Zeebans are known to hover over major U.S. cities, take their data readings and then leave… peacefully,” said D’Alessandro.

Dr. Susan Begley of the United Nations confirmed that the UFOs were from Planet Zeeba. She told WWN that the UFOs sighting have been increasing since the beginning of2012 and they will continue to increase because the alien invasion – from Planets Zeeba and Gootan – is underway.

“The United Nations is following the movements of these aliens closely,” said Dr. Begley.

Several celebrities saw the UFOs including Brad Pitt and George Clooney who had just eaten at Spago in Beverly Hills.  “I always thought UFOs were b.s., but I saw it with my own eyes.  They are real.  And they’re cool,” said Clooney.

Check out one the many videos of the UFO from last night: