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Reports so far indicate that there may be another 29 Gootan ships in oceans around the globe and the number appears to be increasing daily.

“Gootan ships have been sighted by seamen and divers worldwide and the descriptions are amazingly similar,” said Dr. Simon Michaels, a marine biologist with high-level contacts in the Pentagon.

“The undersea vessels are about 300 feet long with two saucer-shaped appendages and they are extremely fast. They are capable of reaching great depths – but can also pass from the water straight up into the atmosphere and right in out to stellar space.

“Over the past three decades, we’ve had such sightings from time to time. But the vast increase in reports over the last few months confirms that we are dealing with a major alien invasion from Planet Gootan.”

The Gootan ship in the Baltic was found by a Swedish company named Ocean Explorer.  They found the ship using their sonar technology – and immediately reported it to extraterrestrial experts at the U.N.

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