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ARKANSAS-  Thousands of birds fell from the Arkansas sky and now… over 300,000 drum fish are dead.

On New Year’s Eve in Arkansas birds began falling from the sky, and today in Arkansas there is  massive fish kill.

As with WWN’s breaking news report on the bird droppings, WWN can now confirm that aliens are killing the fish in Arkansas.

20,000 red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky over a mile of land near Beebe, a small town in northwest Arkansas, and observers spotted the massive drum fish kill near the town of Ozark.  There were numerous reports of UFOs hovering over the fish kill.

There is a massive government cover-up to keep all this information from the public.  But, Frank Lake was down in Arkansas today with Dr. Anna Pfeffer, the world’s foremost ichthyologist and Olympic badminton champion, examining the dead drum fish and the Mark of the Alien found on each of the fish.

Arkansas officials are investigating the death of an estimated 300,000 drum fish in the state’s northwest and are publicly saying that disease is to blame, but Dr. Pfeffer disagrees.  “Never in the history of fish have so many fish died at the exact time.  This is definitely the work of aliens.  The Mark of the Alien seems to be from Planet Zeeba.”

Dr. Pfeffer believes that Arkansas officials, as well as the federal government, are after her.  She has hired several ex-KGB agents to protect her.

A tugboat operator discovered the fish kill and government officials quickly collected some of the dying animals and brought them to Langley, VA for testing at CIA headquarters.

The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials spoke to WWN off-the-record (thanks, Dr. Baneesh) and said that the fish kill was “absolutely part of the alien invasion that is underway and that will continue to 2015.”

The U.N. experts predict more fish and birds will die over the next three months.  They have also issued a  Donkey Warning because some believe that aliens will target donkeys in the southwest next.

Here’s one of the “official” government reports about the fish kill.