ARKANSAS-  Thousands of birds fell from the Arkansas sky and now… over 300,000 drum fish are dead.
On New Year’s Eve in Arkansas birds began falling from the sky, and today in Arkansas there is  massive fish kill.
As with WWN’s breaking news report on the bird droppings, WWN can now confirm that aliens are killing the fish in Arkansas.
20,000 red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky over a mile of land near Beebe, a small town in northwest Arkansas, and observers spotted the massive drum fish kill near the town of Ozark.  There were numerous reports of UFOs hovering over the fish kill.

There is a massive government cover-up to keep all this information from the public.  But, Frank Lake was down in Arkansas today with Dr. Anna Pfeffer, the world’s foremost ichthyologist and Olympic badminton champion, examining the dead drum fish and the Mark of the Alien found on each of the fish.
Arkansas officials are investigating the death of an estimated 300,000 drum fish in the state’s northwest and are publicly saying that disease is to blame, but Dr. Pfeffer disagrees.  “Never in the history of fish have so many fish died at the exact time.  This is definitely the work of aliens.  The Mark of the Alien seems to be from Planet Zeeba.”
Dr. Pfeffer believes that Arkansas officials, as well as the federal government, are after her.  She has hired several ex-KGB agents to protect her.

A tugboat operator discovered the fish kill and government officials quickly collected some of the dying animals and brought them to Langley, VA for testing at CIA headquarters.
The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials spoke to WWN off-the-record (thanks, Dr. Baneesh) and said that the fish kill was “absolutely part of the alien invasion that is underway and that will continue to 2015.”
The U.N. experts predict more fish and birds will die over the next three months.  They have also issued a  Donkey Warning because some believe that aliens will target donkeys in the southwest next.
Here’s one of the “official” government reports about the fish kill.

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24 thoughts on “DEAD FISH IN ARKANSAS!”

  1. Is This real or just a joke? Aliens? Whats really going on?? I heard the booms new years eve …anyone else?? I am from Ohio .Just after midnight 3 of them.What the hell is going on??Now thousands of dead birds and fish… then aliens?? IDK what to think exactly?? Revalations….Goverment experiment… aliens?? weather??? IDK…..Do you?

    • Many of you are too young to recall Science Fiction Theater – it was the earliest SciFi show on television (in the 1950's) and was continually spanning the boundary between science, fiction and an awareness that there were other forces "out there." These events are reminiscent of some of the SFT shows-they are all available on DVD.

    • i like the movie "mystery science theartre 3000":) funny stuff..and i believe in aliens but i dont want to believe they had something to dowith this, that sounds insane!

  2. blame your government people. all of this is leading up to the fake alien invasion coming in 2012, that the government is behind.so they can scare people into receiving that rfid chip(mark of the beast), and so they can put their new world order into action. the government use catastrophies to scare people into willingly doing what they want. just like 9/11. get your souls right with God people. this is just the beginning!!!!!!!!!!

    • I'm with you 100%. We are not talking real ALIENS people. Come on there is no such thing.
      But when the government is involved they can do many things to make it seem real. Be aware of your surroundings. New World Order will come into place soon and you have to be ready. Unfortunatley there are too many followers in this world who just take this as bs. I assure you it's not. Be ready for what is coming next as Krissy said this is just the beginning.
      Love God, Praise God and Thank God each day as you never know what may happen. If you are the ones who dont believe in God thats your choice. BUT I always tell people if you don't worship God and don't believe and there is no God then you are fine. BUT what if you don't believe and there is a God and because you dont believe you don't make it to heaven. That would be ashame. Everything that is happening and has happened is ALL in the Bible. Just be ready.

  3. googles & found area bird kills have been happening in UK (march 14, 2010) & Austraila, herein US (Barn owls along I-84)–check google–blunt force trauma is not poisoning, lightning or shock–they are hitting or being hit forcefully by something!

  4. the first thing i thought of when i heard something startled roosting birds at midnight and sent them crashing to the ground was…….they hit somekind of shield, I wonder if necks are broken as well……also have you heard of the large amount of bears dying in yellowstone

    • There's no question that this site is a joke news reporter site, no real source of news has their catch prhase as "WORLDS – ONLY reliable news" Look at the logo too, and the other articles, baby swinging yoga for example.

  5. drum fish. 🙂 i dont belive that it was aliens. mabey there is some posin in the habatait or somthen??? i really dont know. do you?

  6. the fish were out of tune. what we need is someone who can tune a fish. why would aliens kill fish when they can make crop circles.

  7. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program ( HAARP) is to blame, check it out!! The government is messing with mother nature in epic portortions….


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