SINGAPORE –  A man is brutally lashed for betting on black.
Many Chinese have begun making vacation get-a-ways to Singapore to take advantage of their ever growing casino circuit.
Gambling is illegal in China causing many Chinese nationals to head south to Singapore to win big in the high stakes world of international gambling. Yingpei Chao thought that he too would have his hand at banking the big bucks. Unfortunately, things did not go quite as planned.
Chao was recently sentenced to receive 150 lashes of the Rattan Cane after betting all of his chips on black at the roulette table in Singapore’s wildly popular Marina Bay Sands Casino. However, it was not so much that he bet everything on black as how it was that he did it. “Put ‘em all on Little Blackie,” is what Chao said that got him into the bind.
“We are looking to get Amnesty International involved,” stated Jane Drumond, Deputy Director of Marketing and Public relations for the Las Vegas Sands Corp, “The punishment for this offense is utterly unacceptable.” Las Vegas Sands Corp. is the owner of The Marina Bay Sands Casino.
Singapore is known throughout the world for its tough love approach to those unwilling to abide by the laws of the land.  The most commonly known sentencing is receiving lashes with the Rattan Cane which is used for an endless number of offences such as robbery, pimping, use of racial slurs, assault, walking down the up escalator (going up the down is okay though), eating pizza crust end first and winking.
Evidently, “Little Blackie”, is a racial slur for the stout indigenous coalminers of Singapore.
“We realize that perhaps there was perhaps a bit of a translation error here, but we must enforce the law,” said chief of police, Nianzu Liang, “If we let one person off with a warning then everyone else is going to want the same preferential treatment.”
Chao was unavailable for comment as he is currently being held in custody until his sentencing can be carried out.

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