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NEW YORK –  Apple announced that the iPad 2 will come installed with a revolutionary app – Windows!
Apple has decided to give it’s new “killer” app the exact same name as its leading competitor’s operating system.
But this app does much, much more than continually crash and require constant updates. It allows the user to physically pass objects through the screen of the iPad to other iPad users who also have the same app launched.

 information was leaked by, Walter Shimoon, who worked for the Apple parts supplier Flextronics International. Shimoon was recently released on bail for leaking information on the first generation iPad and within minutes was at it again.
“The new iPad will incorporate some of the same fundamental algorithms that are used in Bluetooth file transfers. The main difference is that it utilizes one of Apple’s latest breakthroughs in software development,” explained Shimoon. He did not elaborate further regarding exactly what that improvement was, claiming that he had said too much already.
However, WWN was able to catch up with Dr. Bob Bishop, one of Apple’s early programmers, to get his take on the mystery behind Apple’s Windows app. Dr. Bishop is best know for his programming of the Apple II and for bringing speech to the personal computer with programs such as Apple-Talker and Apple-Listener. Unfortunately, Bishop was left dumbstruck.
“This is really slick. I am pretty stumped on this one though. The only plausible idea that I can come up with is a study that was conducted by John G. Cramer on Advanced Quantum/Relativity Theory Propulsion. The purpose of the study was to find physics routes to faster-than-light (FTL) travel and/or communication,” said Bishop.
Everyone seems to have become content with their current gadgets so we knew that it was only a matter of time before Apple would step up to the plate to feed their tech hungry followers. It would come as little surprise if this technology didn’t already exist when the first iPad was launched.
Apple seems to always have a card up their sleeve, after all. 

WWN contacted Apple regarding this leak but they have refused to respond. One thing is for certain, there will be lines with no horizon in sight when this hits the market.

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