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NEW YORK – There was red hot streak shooting over Manhattan last night!

The sighting came one day after a mysterious condensation trail was spotted off the coast of California. Speculation over the object that caused it ranged from a fired missile to a contrail from a commercial airliner.

Most government experts are saying that an airplane caused a vapor trail, but aerospace scientists do not believe that’s the case.  “They are covering something up,” said Professor John Engeman of M.I.T.   “People are used to see vapor trails or condensation trails, this is something different.”

What went down over the skies of NYC Wednesday was just the latest in a series of weird events that have captivated tri-state area residents over the last few years. Back on Oct. 13, CBS 2 cameras captured objects in the sky while shooting up above Chelsea at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue.

Local media and the NYPD received several calls throughout that afternoon.

However, as CBS 2 cameras showed, the objects appeared to be yellow balloons, although there was initially no official confirmation from the NYPD. On the streets below there was a lot of intrigue about the mystery that was going on up above.

Strange sightings in the sky are not new to our area. Back in January of 2009, odd red, blinking lights could be seen across Morris County, N.J., and officials thought they had figured out what caused them.

Some are saying that the red streak was actually a chemtrail – chemical agents that the government is spreading over the city, to spread biological agents into the population.  “It makes sense that they are chemtrails,” said Engeman.  “the government and Mayor Bloomberg have been trying to conrol the citizens of Manhattan for the last year.  And, you know what, it’s working.”

Here’s a news report.  Once again, the red hot streak was dismissed as “condensation trails” before anyone had a chance to fully examine the incident.  Hmmm….