FULTON COUNTY, PA – 1,000 pigs were found on a Fulton County Farm – apparently they were killed by aliens.

Between 950 and 1,000 dead pigs were found Monday on a Fulton County farm.  Humane Society Police Officer Dennis Bumbaugh said he has never seen anything like it before. He said the incident may be the largest of its kind in Pennsylvania’s history.

“I was horrified when I opened the door and saw what I saw,” he said during a phone interview Tuesday.

Bumbaugh was on his way to the Union Township farm of Daniel and Kerron Clark to begin counting the carcasses and assessing the evidence. The carcasses were reported to authorities by Kerron Clark on Monday, and Bumbaugh responded to the Harmon Lane property for an initial look at the situation.

“All I know at this point is that I’m dealing with a heck of a lot of dead animals,” he said.  “And it looks like it was aliens that killed ’em.”

The Clarks had separated in recent years, and Daniel Clark reportedly left the farm for the last time in August, Bumbaugh said. Based on the level of their decomposition, he estimates the pigs died last month.

Kerron Clark had not been to the farm since 2008, he said. She recently acquired the property, and has been completely cooperative with authorities.

“This lady is devastated,” Bumbaugh said.

“I knew there were some (dead animals) up there, but not this many,” Glesner said in a phone interview Tuesday after being told about the discovery.

Glesner said she recently visited the property, which has been on the market for about three weeks, and did not see any carcasses while she was there.   She’s also worried about the aliens coming back and slaughtering her!

The pigs had been living inside buildings on the property and the majority of them were found still inside, Bumbaugh said. There is evidence of an effort to escape, and a few animals were found dead outside.

“It was a horrible situation. They struggled and fought to get out,” Bumbaugh said.  “But the aliens got to them, gutted them and it looks like they took the pig hearts with them.”

Among the dead hogs, Bumbaugh also found what appear to be the remains of about six calves. He said Daniel Clark will likely be charged pending further investigation.

“Oh my God,” said Union Township Supervisor Gary Sheeder on Tuesday, after being told about the number of dead pigs found on his neighbor’s farm.

WWN is investigating further.

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20 thoughts on “1,000 PIGS SLAUGHTERED”

  1. This is an animal mutilation catastrophe and also characteristic of other mutilations reported since 1967. Nothing has been done to stop it because the media blacks out such stories in CNN and other networks just don't bother to report them. It's not scavengers that are doing this and it's not any animal predator since most mutilations of an uncommon kind are bloodless and without a trail of blood. The slaughtering of 80 pigs was also reported last summer in Poland. If this pig mutilation was bloodless and I understand that the pigs hearts were removed as in so many mutilation cases where vital organs are removed with precise laser type objects in a surgical manner then this is another abomination and failure of society and law enforcement to excoriate these mutilations. The pigs were afraid of something and tried to get out. They're intelligent animals who sensed that their lives were threatened. Did the ones who did this walk through walls to get to them? Why wasn't a vet on hand to do a necropsy?

    • Yes, I am having trouble trying to understand any humor in this sick story. So what if this couple was separated. Daniel Clark stil had a responsibility to those animals. Too bad they didn't find him in one of the stalls also.

  2. I believe Daniel Clark cared allot about his livestock, but since he was abducted and can't remember anything that happened the past few weeks authorities are trying to blame him for the slaughter!

  3. The fact that this sick CRIME is being taken in jest is just pathetic. 1k pigs left to starve to death without water or food and it's amusing to some people? Get lost. I suppose if this happened to even a few dogs this moronic 'alien' garbage would be deemed insensitive.

  4. …and who says we don't have a problem with illegal aliens? They should go back to where they came from and leave our pigs alone. Come on, people, where's your sensitivity? Actually, now that you mention it, I would like a BLT…

    • Oh, you're so right Tom. So since their lives would have ended in tragedy and murder anyways, lets not give a goddamn that they were tortured and died a long agonizing miserable death.
      Hey, does that mean Tom that since you were ultimately just born to die anyways at the end, can we do the same to your sorry ass too ???

    • "Because of iniquity, the love of many has grown cold." KJV Lets see how funny it is if you ever suffer starvation. I hope you don't have kids, because you're evil.

  5. This is not funny you insensitive a-holes. Imagine the agony of starving to death for your children – or yourselves, if you are too narcissistic to feel empathy for the suffering of others. I think it's time "the dominion over all creatures of the earth" be reclaimed by the powers that be, since most of you are shirking your responsibility – just like that monstrous pig farmer. Cruelty is never funny – never!!

  6. Watch out what you read and how it's presented to you. I agree with Naomi Semeniuk,
    this type of work done on the pigs does not flow right. Surgery of sorts was done here…
    this has been going on for many years. Have read about this for years…media will not bring
    out the total truth. A cover up is a must in cases like this…research for yourselves.

  7. Unfortunately someone changed this story. i live right by this farm…the pigs starved to death. the guy left the property and never came back to take care of the animals. the pigs were not gutted at all. some did resort to cannibalism to try to survive. but with the high temperature at the time and no water available they all perished sadly.


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