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BOSTON – The same UFO that was seen over Virginia two days ago was seen over Boston last night!

People all across Boston were shocked to see a Blue UFO in the sky last night.  It first appeared at 1:30 a.m., and was sighted off-and-on for the next two hours.  The UFO seemed to change in size, but the circular shape remained the same

The same exact UFO was spotted over Centerville, Virginia on Monday.  Local authorities dismissed the sighting (as they always do) and said that there was a logical explanation for it – though they did not offer one.

They were quick to say that they do not think it is the same UFO that was spotted in Virginia, but UFO experts are convinced that this is part of a larger alien battalion of UFOs.

The Defense Department and Homeland Security confirmed to WWN that the UFO was spotted over Boston, but declined to make any further comments.  UFO experts are Harvard aren’t holding back, “That was definitely a UFO.  We think it is part of the alien invasion that has been predicted to take place in 2010 and 2011.  We must all prepare,” said Professor David Collins a Harvard astrophysicist.

“I woke my whole family up,” said Paul Costello of South Boston.  “I couldn’t believe me eyes, but it was there.  My children my scared, especially because they heard a high-pitched sound.  I didn’t hear it, but… we are scared to death.”

Costello said that though they were frightened for a couple of hours, he thought that the alien spaceship looked beautiful.  “We couldn’t take our eyes off it.

In the last month there have been UFOs spotted in New York, El Paso, Virginia, Boston, Sante Fe and Chicago.  Is there an explanation for the increased number of sightings?  Is something under way that we don’t know about?  Where will the next UFO be seen?

The mainstream media is not reporting most of these sightings and the government, once again, is covering up.  But WWN is on it.  We will keep you updated.