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RICHMOND – UFO activity has increased over the last two weeks.  New York City, El Paso and now… Richmond!

The Federal Aviation Administration has confirmed to WWN that UFO sightings have increased tenfold in the last few months.  They continue to confirm this off-the-record, while spreading disinformation in the mainstream media.  This is more evidence that the government is trying to cover up the increased level of UFO activity.

“It has long been understood by Extraterrestrial scientists and researchers that 2010-2015 would be the time when the full alien invasion would occur,”  said extraterrestrial ambassador, Juliana Ferrere of France.  “We recently held an Extraterrestrial  Intelligence and the Human Future panel at the U.N.  We all concluded that the alien invasion is currently underway and we all have to prepare the citizens on earth to deal with it in a peaceful way.”

Over the weekend, mysterious lights were spotted over Richmond. These lights were similar to the lights seen over New York City last week and over El Paso just two days ago.

The Defense Department has once again, off-the-record, also confirmed that the lights were another official UFO sighting.  “We are just gathering all the data now, plotting the UFOs on a map,” said Defense Department spokesman Chris Blanton.

According to sources, the U.S. military is on high alert, ready to battle these UFOs if they become belligerent.  When asked if they thought the U.S. military had the technology and firepower to take on the aliens, Blanton said.  “I hope we don’t have to fight them.  We want to co-exist with them peacefully.  But if we have to, we are ready.  The U.S. military is always ready.”

Let’s hope so.

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