Millions of people talk to the dead every day – and so can you with these three easy steps!

All you have to do is clear your mind of thoughts and worries and tune in to the invisible lines of communication that exist between the living and the dead.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to speak with dead friends and loved ones at will, just like millions of other people who rely on the dead to give them advice and guidance on a daily basis.

“It might sound too good to be true – but it’s not,” declared Dr. John Stanton, whose exciting book, Talking to the Dead, is expected to hit bookshelves next spring.

“Studies suggest that as many as 720 million people across the world communicate with dead relatives and loved ones every day. They rely on them for all kinds of advice, ranging from financial problems and career choices to lucky numbers for the lottery.

“These people aren’t lunatics or crackpots,” he added. “They’re solid citizens like you and me. And if you want to learn how to talk to the dead, you can.

“It’s as easy as one, two, three.”

In his book, Dr. Stanton tells how Mrs. H.G. of Los Angeles won a $1.7 million lottery jackpot using numbers she got from her husband, who was killed in a car crash four years earlier. He also cites the case of R.T. of Baltimore, who bought stock at the urging of his dead dad – and re-sold it four weeks later for a $240,000 profit.

You can learn to talk to the dead with the following tips from Dr. Stanton’s book. The three-point plan is easy to master and will work for anyone, Dr. Stanton said.

  1. Find a quiet place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and clear your mind of all thoughts and worries.
  2. When you feel perfectly relaxed, fix a mental image of the person you want to communicate with in your mind.
  3. After a few seconds, ask the person a question. Keep your mind focused on the mental image of the person you want to communicate with. Do not put words in his mouth. Wait patiently for the reply.

“You might connect on the first try, but don’t count on it,” said Dr. Stanton. “Chances are, you’ll have to practice the techniques for a week or so before you break through the invisible boundary between the living and the dead.

That’s not to say that you should wear yourself out. Five minutes a day is more than enough to master the procedure.”

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245 thoughts on “HOW TO TALK TO THE DEAD”

  1. it was sounding interesting until it became a 'how to make money' rave. trouble is, there'll be people stupid enough to by the book.

  2. Awesome! I've got a LOT of people to get in touch with…I'm SO doing it πŸ™‚ Maybe I'll call up some zombies to scare 'anonymous' who thinks its BS moooo ha ha ha ha ha…(that's my scary laugh tee hee)

  3. I wish that it were so true. all i would like to do is say goodbye to some one and say that I hope that we may meet again some day in a better place. This world is full of to much pain of many kinds.

  4. I think it did work.

    I asked if my friend commited suicide or not by going infront of the train. it was just.. I shook my head. there wasn't a response, though.

  5. I wish I can believe this. I lost my mother not long ago in an accident. So many things left unsaid. If only I knew she hangs around to check on me once in a while. I talk to her all the time wishing she could hear me. I know God does, but I need her.

    • ccg, I feel your pain, I just lost my mom 2-2009, I miss her so much. sometimes it seems like she is still alive. I don't think I have fully grieved for her. We were best friends and I have thought about trying this thing with talking to them, not sure if it works or not.

  6. Man I want 2 try this so bad I want 2 knw why did my boyfriend had 2 kill himself why couldn't my words change his mind? We had plans how can I go on with these plans if he isn't here??

  7. my mom just passed on october 16 in an accident and i am goin to try it to contact her to say goodbye and one last i love you before the memorial on halloween

  8. I believe in ghosts and i think trying to talk to them can happen.You just need to be my yourself and picture the dead in your mind and then say what u want to them and hopefully they talk back. People try it its worth a go

  9. has to be bs. While spirit communication is a fact and "talking to the dead," is a fact (in my book), it is a fundamental violation of the prinicpal(s) of spirit communication to use same for personal gain such as "the lottery." Every study from the Society for Psychic Research in Britian, the extensive works of Leslie Flint (direct voice medium) from 1956 to 1994, the work of Findley and extant British Mediums such as Gordon Smith would discount the statments in this veiled "advert," as Bull Excrement.

  10. Has anyone one here had any success at doing this? I wonder how the lady from Colorado (Rebecca Rosen) does it for $600.00 dolllars an hour and Jen Aniston and Courtney Cox go to her? She is booked up for 3 years. People would not pay that much money if they did not believe her dont you think?

  11. Oh my god. This works but i have better teqniques. Im 11 years old and im 'Paranormal' I can talk to the dead and easily see what will happen tomorrow. But it took me since i was about 10 to master this skill. These are easy steps to how im able to communicate;

    (1) Sit or Lie in a quiet place. Make sure nothing is bothering you or nobody will come in and mess up you peace.

    (2) Think of this person and think of a good time youve had together. Think about what you did and why you enjoyed it so much. (I advise you dont think of BAD things because it gets scary.)

  12. (3) Fix a small slideshow of the time that you have fixed you mind on. Replay this over and over again.

    (4) IN YOUR MIND ask a simple question for instance 'How are you?' And wait for a respond. Try your best to keep focusing on the slideshow and the time you were with that person you enjoyed. Try not to put words in this persons mouth.

    (5) Then; wait up to 1 Minute for a responce; If there is no respone; Put on in your charecters mouth. But some how, If you ask another question, You WILL Get a responce. I can almost guarentee you.

    (6) Repete this every day that you have time to for about 15-35 minutes a day. Dont over work yourself by 1 hour, This may cause problems with communication. For more questions and info about talking to ghosts and Becoming Paranormal contact me at

  13. hey i want to try tis bcoz i lost my anni on 13 th march. she sucide her self i cudnt 4gt her evn we havnt talk much but i liked her very much i love her a lot but she jst left me alone i wanna talk to her cn anybdy help me in tis

    • just go on with your life. the people that died are not here any more they are doing their life some place else. they don't want you to be suffering because they are surely not suffering.
      so don't worry about it any more and live a happy life and go and do the things you enjoy.

      have fun

  14. Pain could be felt only by those who have lost their loved ones. Others can just make fun f des things. keep tryng . Hope all of u get evrithng in life. Keep them remembring even while sleeping.
    NOTE: in some case u tak to dead ones in yor dreams, dont jst consider it as a dream. IT IS THEIR WAY TO COMMUNICATE wid u.

  15. i think its possible but they better be sure the soul has,t come back as baby already.
    in this it would useless, my went and came back.

  16. hey i want to talk with my dead friend,can i really?
    i hope no cheatting,can i get information to proceed?

  17. i have seen my aunt and she was murdered and she alway turned thing on and off in y room to wake me up i have herd her call my name a million times but always got scared she was not just my aunt but my best friend anyone got any advise how to not be scared? and sorry to all of you who lost loved ones πŸ™ my heart goes out to you

  18. Hi… I lost my fiance and father of my child 2months ago. I need to know that he is alright wherever he is. I need to know that he forgives me for not hugging him the night he went into a coma. Im from south africa and i need real communication. HELP!

  19. Believe in God, not your dead family members. I've had several immediate family members who have passed. I'm sure the love they had for our family…..We would've received lottery numbers, stocks, etc. They would do anything possible to help the family. So in ending…IMHO….This is not true.

  20. i would really like to try this to see if it really works but i am scared what if i get bad results i just want to ask my husband what really happened and tell him i love him and good bye

  21. i have tried this and still nothing at all, this might sound strange, but do you think because i dont believe in god, that he might be blocking them from coming through to me, or is it because im not meant to speak to them, i have tried over the last 10 years, and still nothing, i really need help sometimes in my life, but it never seems to happen, dont know what im doing wroug

  22. Eccl. 9:5, 6, 10: "5 For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; … Their love, their hate and their jealousy have long since vanished; never again will they have a part in anything that happens under the sun…. . Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom. "

    Ps. 146:4: "When their spirit departs, they return to the ground;on that very day their plans come to nothing."

    When the spirit is said to 'departs'of the body, this means that the life-force has ceased to be active. Thus, after a person dies, his spirit does not exist as an immaterial being that can think and carry out plans apart from the body.

    It is not something with which the living can communicate after a person's death.

  23. d of the day is what you think about the things that are happening around you
    If you think things like this dont exist then they dont., and if you think that things like this exists then they really do…….its all about how you set your mind and how you work on getting to what you are focussing at …………………if you think what you have read so far makes sense to the slightest then you can reach me at psycho_666path@yahoo.co.in…………
    thanks for your time……….bye now

    • hi, want to offer some advice for you if you are to attempt to contact your aun't son. First of all, I think that people should use some discretion and protection for themselves when trying to make contact with those who have passed. It is really important to protect yourself and to be sure that you are communicating with beings who are of the 'light'.

      To do this, first make sure that you are in a positive mind frame before beginning. Then, as you start, imagine a ball of white light surrounding you, protecting you, and mentally or say out loud your intentions of contacting this spirit and ask that only beings who are of love and light are welcome to communicate with you. Be sure to check by asking who is communicating with you as it may not be the person or being that you are wanting to talk to you that appears. Sometimes other angels or guides will be the ones delivering the message.

    • The key is to not be afraid as fear is what invites other 'energies'. This communiation with the deceased is possible, just do it with the highest intentions and with love and light. Hope this helps.

  24. hi linzi,

    your story has touched me and would like to offer some information to you about this. So you know, I am able to receive messages from the deceased for those still on the Earth plane. I immediately got some impressions when I read your post so I would like to offer you the message I received.

    He is alright and there is nothing to forgive you for. You should let go of any guilt that you feel as it is not necessary and he holds nothing against you. Hope this helps. You can contact me if you want.

  25. First of all, I think that people should use some discretion and protection for themselves when trying to make contact with those who have passed. It is really important to protect yourself and to be sure that you are communicating with beings who are of the 'light'.

    To do this, first make sure that you are in a positive mind frame before beginning. Then, as you start, imagine a ball of white light surrounding you, protecting you, and mentally or say out loud your intentions of contacting this spirit and ask that only beings who are of love and light are welcome to communicate with you. Be sure to check by asking who is communicating with you as it may not be the person or being that you are wanting to talk to you that appears. Sometimes other angels or guides will be the ones delivering the message.

    The key is to not be afraid as fear is what invites other 'energies'. This communication with the deceased is possible, just do it with the highest intentions and with love and light. Hope this helps

  26. someone please help me contact my son he died Dec 11 2002 of asthma, it was the most horrific thing to wittness as he first begged me to help and then clawed at his neck trying to breathe drawing blood. The EMTs were their, they tried all they could but he died. Then we had a thunderstorm with hail, in December in NY, it was as if he was being dragged from this world. My email address is jgiskard and I am a aol customer please someone help me

  27. i think if you really dont wanna believe you wont, but guys n girls if you dnt clear your minds you wont stant a chance and remeber keep a clear mind and then and only then you will find out the the real conection between this life and the next. you may not know who i am yet you should still hold faith wetha you believe or not. THESE RELM OF THE DEAD EXISTS WETHA YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. the wind exsists yet we cant see it, so open your soles and minds to the improbible. from Chriso

  28. Please can some one help me to speak to my dead brother he died all of a sudden within fractions of seconds i wanted to know the reason for his death i wanted tell him that we really miss him .Bhaiya we miss you

  29. If you are scared and/or nervous I don't suggest that u try and do it at all seeing as negative spirited ghosts may disturb you because they know your scared… I am a full fled believer of talking to the dead and seeing them from time to time… I personally have spoken to and seen multiple ghost's… But when I've talked to them it wasn't a full conversation.. And the ones I've seen aren't the ghost's I was looking for..

    • Gee:

      As I was reading the article, I thought of exactly what you said, "if you're scared I don't suggest that you try and do it at all…" With that said, I am scared to try it because of what I might experience but since you have come into contact with ghosts before, was it really that bad? Also, what was it like?

      My friend died a few months back and I've been having dreams about him non-stop, where he just stares at me and in my dream I get scared because at first I think someone is trying to fool me by dressing up like him, but then I get the feeling that it's actually him standing right there infront of me.

      I spoke to my mother about the situation since she is into dreams and contacting the dead. But, all she said was that he was trying to tell me something and that I needed to figure it out the message but I cant. I need to find out asap because I need this feeling to pass.


  30. Hey. My name is Alana and i lost someone a littlw bit ago and im trying to come in contack with him becaus ei beleave hes still en earthbound spirt that needs to cross over.

  31. My fiancy suicided herself on 1-Feb-2011 I want to speak with her why she did so please let me know any method which helps me to speak with her

    Regards – Raju

  32. i love my dad a lot. i want to speak to him. but am very scared . suggest me some way to contact him.he died in a accident i really miss him a lot

  33. i did this for a few seconds and pictured my grandma, i felt like i was moving and dizzy. then i got to scared and stopped

  34. I need to contact with my mom as she has passed away suddenly a I missed her so much I did not get the chance to say goodbye, sometimes I feel like I need to speak to her but I can't please help me

  35. would love to know more about talking with the dead,..I miss and am grieving so horribly for my father. It is taken over my life the depression I have fallen into.

    Any help please,


    • sorry to here but negative self focus is what courses depression if you think about something long and hard enough it takes over your mind think possitive and not so much about you and the negitives in your live ive been through it
      all the best mate

  36. help my fiance the father of my baby has passed so sudenly on my birthdy feb 232011 and i would like to talk with him again.

    • ihi nikki i jus lost the father of my child to and that was on dec 11 and iam still going crazy and am trying to find ways to talk to him i miss him and love him so much… if u want to talk iam on facebook under kaela poteet

    • Try go get their voices thru EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) or go to a Medium. Looking at NDE's (Near Death Experiences) on you tube has helped me. Some say you can meet them thru an OBE (Out Of Body Experiences). You can find info about EVP – NDE and OBE's on YouTube.com, google or can buy to help you out on that on Amazon.com. Also for your health talk to your Dr about your Anciety & depression.
      Check this link out (copy & paste to your brower): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSSqQ_gJlXU&fe

      Hope it helps: MusicUpRecords@aol.com

  37. i would like to talk to my father who was died almost 19yrs. my auntie is keeping us a huge secret regarding my dad's inheritance. my brother and sister and i too.. indeed suspecting some hidden properties of my father that was being lend by my dad's sister. i want to ask him of how many and exact detail of his property for us to have. we dont have the truth. i hope i could talk to my deceased father. t.y

  38. Hi I have seen your replys I have been able to connect with the afterlife since I was 7 I'm now 20 if any of you need some help and want me to get some answers for you please leave me a message on facebook sean ridout

    • hi, i want to talk to my boyfriend who passed a month ago.. but dont know how.
      how can i contact him???

    • how do i find you on facebook there are multiple sean ridouts on there i would like to contact you about how to connect with the afterlife and communicate with them my name is do, if you can find me on facebook and add me you'll find me under don lee i hope to hear from you soon

    • my name is Nicole Snipes i have lost my father Marty Snipes and my boyfriend Justin Rogers he commited suicide on january 23 2010 and my father passed away on january 30th 2010 it has been a little while since they have passed away but thoughts of them are always in my mind i always think the reason justin commited suicide was my fault and my father i always thought i could do something to of helped him live longer please please please respond to me… i would very much appreciate it i just want closure.

    • Hi Sean, my name is Anita and i would like you to reply to me too on facebook. Full name is Anita Huser thanks, need some help with this…..

    • It seems you have a very common name πŸ˜› Could you please mesg me on facebook? Names Carey Ball, thanks.

    • Very kind of you.

      I lost my dear Son Mrinal Deep Singh on 29th Sep, 2011 in a car accident in Delhi, India. He was to complete his 18th years of age on 16th Oct,2011.

      I will like to know 3 questions from him. (1)What happened that night? (2) Is there some thing he wants to tell us on this or otherwise? (3) Is he wants us to do some thing on this or on account of any other reason of past, present & future?

      My mail id is manjit19@hotmail.com

      Manjeet Singh

    • Very kind of you.

      I lost my dear Son Mrinal Deep Singh on 29th Sep, 2011 in a car accident in Delhi, India. He was to complete his 18th years of age on 16th Oct,2011.

      I will like to know 3 questions from him. (1)What happened that night? (2) Is there some thing he wants to tell us on this or otherwise? (3) Is he wants us to do some thing on this or on account of any other reason of past, present & future?

      My mail id is manjit19@hotmail.com

      Manjeet Singh

    • My name is bernadette Mullen i would like it if you could message me on facebook. i lost my dad a year and a half ago, ive been seeing him alot, in other people. please contact me thank you

    • Hi sea…. I'm balaji… My dad past away before a year. He is my best friend. I can't be without talking to him. i need your help now please help me. My facebook profile name is steve austin… My id is innocentbaby7@yahoo.com

  39. I'm 22, my ex-fiance commited suicide, our best friend found him and him and I became really close helping each other through the pain, we fell in love and just married on 20th may 2011 and then i lost my husband in a car accident on the 17th July 2011, two days later I found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant. I'm now 10 weeks and really having a hard time and my only hope is to contact my husband. If any one can help in any way… I'm so desperate. I'm trying to stay strong for the baby but im not doing so well. I don't have a job, I lost my home, car and have nothing left… I don't know what I'm expecting to achieve by posting this…???

    • I Know we don't know each other but i have seen your comment and i feel for you very much, i have been able to contact the afterlife since i was a very small child, i have been bullied, and tormented from a very young age, i my not be able to help you in the way you would like me to as i can only contact if i have known that person, or have seen a picture. I would like to help you in the way you want, but that may not be possible. i would like to tell you that you and your child will get through this, you have to stay strong because one day you will be able to contact both you past loved ones, and tell them exactly how you feel, you will be able to do this on your own. But be careful and get some experienced help as you don't want to let in any dark entities that can harm you or more loved ones, i hope i have help in the first few steps, thank you and god bless!

    • I hope you can help me please I saw your kind words and lost my egyptian husband one week ago I am in the uk and never got to the burial which was within 24 hours of the death, I am desperate to talk to him can you help me please

    • I just had to answer you, and say how cruel it is to lose all you have.At your age you should never have suffered this ammount of pain , I am grieving at the moment my husband died in a car crash a week ago in Sharmel Sheikh Egypt I am in uk , he was Muslim so buried within 24 hours, I was not present.For you I wish desperatly that someone helps you and you can find great joy in your new baby , my e mail is lynn.howes@yahoo.co.uk if it helps to chat i am more than happy to help you all I can.

  40. i know that talking to your loved ones after they have passed does work.They can hear you.when its quiet in your own space he or she will give you a sign.Be open to what will happen.It might be quite frightening at first but if you try again itwill become easier.you will receive what you are wanting..

  41. Yes, he is still with you by your side you just can't see him. Check out the movie "Ghost". And that's you and him, his around he' with you and he now regrets his desition but theres no turning back, but he loves you!

    Try EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

    Check this link out IS A MUST!! (copy & paste to your brower): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSSqQ_gJlXU&fe

  42. my best friend Nathan died from kidney failure on December 2010 , 1 am , he was only 22 years old , we were best best friends for almost 12 + years , i really miss him , we studied together from 8 standard to graduation….he was undergone kidney transplant in 2009 , and he faced lot of pain during this…but he survived for 2 years after transplant..and then on 1 December he got 1 infection and he was admitted to ICU and then on 16 December he was kept on ventilator where he breathed his last…during our last telephone chat on 5th December 2010 , he told me 'when i will get back , we will party hard"….I miss him a lot…How can i know where he is ?I wanna contact him… but people at my home says tat contacting with died is dangerous.

    Let me tell you , 3 days ago i was on my terrace , thinking about him, while sipping coffee , suddenly in sky I saw a kind of moving star coming from clouds , moving from south to north , it was not too bright , it was medium in contrast , and it was not too high , it was at the height of clouds , and then its contrast diminished as it moved further , disappearing in clouds.

    can this be the sign ? But people don't believe me when i say to them that I saw Nathan , not even his family. I was the only best friend in his life , i motivated him a lot after he came back to his home after transplant and he liked it even he tried to kill himself due to depression but i motivated him to choose to live .His and my family knows how close we were.

    Now he is my motivation to live….I knew he is seeing me all time , and sometimes i say to him also that "Hey Nathan ! Man i can't c you , but i know u r here"…and sometimes wind starts flowing a bit faster if i am on terrace trying to contact him through our casual talks like as if he is here…..

  43. My best friends son comitted suicide, the night before his funeral he came to me in the night and kept telling me about a letter, he kept showing me a letter. I went to the funeral and afterwards got the parents alone. I told them they might think Im nuts but D— wanted me to tell you something about a letter. Both their mouths dropped open, and they told me that he had written several letters leading to the suicide. The one missing was the one that explained why he did it. After a long ordeal they found out who had the letter and got it back, which in the end gave them peace and understanding. It is REAL people!

  44. Just remember there is a very fine line between the living and the ones who crossed over. Always know that the people who loved you are around you a lot even though they have crossed over, they still want to be a part of your life. They will come to see you a lot, you have to slow down, and look for litte hints that there with you. You can still talk to them, and tell them how you feel! It makes them very happy when you keep them as part of your life. Always remember, sometimes its not always up to them, if they stay or go. So dont blame them!

  45. Sam your mom is around you a lot, take her with you to a local church, light a candle for her, then tell her Goodbye, that you will always love her and will miss her so much, that you wish her well and will see her soon. You both will feel better afterwords. Dont ever let her slip out of your life…she needs to feel the attachment to you!

  46. I am not going to lie. I put this on my father's grave… it does work…. at least for me it did. I never got to tell him a real goodbye, I was too busy caring for my sister… but this let me.
    thank you

  47. My partner of 14 years died suddenly in the summer of 2010. Since then, I've felt, sensed and heard him in my mind (at times I thought I was a bit crazy because I was holding conversations with a dead man). I hear him best when I'm most relaxed. When I can't hear him, it's like there's a "block" coming from me that prevents him from being heard – this happens when I'm heavily grieving. One thing I also believe is that you don't need a lot of instruction on how to communicate with a deceased loved one. Those who have passed on are limitless; we, the ones left behind, are not. I believe they talk to us all the time, but either we don't listen, can't relax enough to tune in, or don't want to believe what we hear.

  48. I keep having this overwhelming feeling that someone is trying to tell me something or wants something from me. This has been an ongoing problem most of my life. my dad has the same problems. he sees people—– hears them. he is just labeled as schizoprenic and dismissed. is there something wrong with me?

  49. Hi,

    Bit reluctant to message but I know I have to do something to get some answer :(…My dad passed away almost 6 years now and I was very close to him…Lifes never easy for me always feeling a block when trying to achieve something, or more importantly when I am trying to achieve something it takes me 10 steps instead of the one that really would take someone else…

    Sometimes in the day but mostly in the nite as I can concentrate better I sit here trying to make my business better I feel I am not alone. I feel some spirit around me trying to communicate with me…it is not a smell or move…It is a inner feeling I have. Sometimes I feel it is my father other times I can not tell….but I know it is something beyond human life…Now I have been to mediums and really dont know if I should of can trust them or sometimes I dont want to believe but for me I am too afraid to let whatever it is share messages with me…Does not matter what advise I get I am afraid to let them come to me….in case maybe I attract the wrong spirit.

    There has been 3 occasions I have seen a dead person my father, and my grandmother in front of me…

    I am really afraid but I so want to receive these messages..what can I do I am sooo confused,,,,

    I did write to a shaman professional but dont hold my breath they will respond as it has been a while now,..
    any help will be appreciated…

    • cass, I am feeling the exact feelings. I recently lost my father after a very very brief battle with cancer. Before that, I always got a sense that I was not alone, but since his death, I have been exploring this feeling more and more. I just recently did an excersize that was very helpful. Like u, I'm scared, so closing my eyes is out of the question. I focused on a single point and repeated "dad" over and over. The outter part of my vision got blurred and wouldn't clear with blinking and I got a "swoosh" feeling through my entire body. I told him I was afraid and didn't want any visions. My mind was jumbled with questions and I really can't tell either what I answered or he did, but I feel calm. Please try this and let me know what u experience…

  50. I lost My Boy-Friend (: We Were Together since 7 years πŸ™
    want to talk to him,know how he is ? πŸ™ I know he cnt see me crying but i cnt stop my tears πŸ™
    just want to tell him that i LOVE HIM (: i udnt say this to him ever cause of my family πŸ™ but wanna say him πŸ™ cnt he ever come back πŸ™ cnt he really be back ever πŸ™ i need him , i love him πŸ™ can i talk to him ? will der be any chances of me getting harm ? does he still love me ? will we ever meet ? is he still the same ? does he see me crying ? how can i talk to him ?

    • he expired on the 7th of previous month ! on 8th or 9th wen i was working in the house, suddenly a chair made up of iron flew and fell just beside me (: den my dog started barking looking at the same spot where the chair fell πŸ˜• den i was working in the kitchen i felt some black shadow jsut beside me , wen i look der it was nothing , i felt him der ! is it he who is trying to communicate ?

    • i just lost my boyfriend as well, i'm very sorry for your loss, i know what you're going through, it really sucks and i'm sure he's with you all the time!

    • @aleeexaaa

      yeah πŸ™‚ even i feel so πŸ™‚ but i want to talk to him πŸ™ here no one seems to be helping me πŸ™ everyone seems to be busy

    • gawd why doesnt anyone reply here πŸ™ why dnt u guys understand i need to talk to him πŸ™ help me pleaseeeeeee πŸ™ am dying without him πŸ™

  51. its easy to talk to the dead. ask god to have a dream of that person and in your dream talk to them. it happens to me without even asking god for it ever since i can remember. its quite easy. melatonin simulates the brain so that its also easier to remember your dream and not only will you talk to them you will hear them, see them and find out exactly where they are. good luck to yall. try it tonight.

  52. i talked to my dad all the time.. he passed in DEC 2010.. he first contacted me using my moms cell phone… he would call my cell phone 3 /4 times a day and could hear backgrond noises and sounds like my mom was walking with the phone in her purse or on a table and thats it.. mom said she wasnt calling me.. happened every day for about a week until finally i missed the call and it went to voicemail where you can clearly hear him say my name and tell me something.. after that twice i used my cell phone recording app to talk to him alone in my room and both times he comes through clearly… can hear my name being said and when i say love you miss you he says love u miss u too back… plus i catch images of him on cell phone pics… love it.. i actually have more contact with him now than i did when he was alive and feel like hes around me all the time.. def helps me not feel as sad about him passing

    • Hi…. I'm trying to talk to my dad whose dead.. Yor dad called you from your mom's mob right? I'm here too lonely without my dad. I want to talk to him everyday.. Please do what you can help me with some tips?

  53. ANYONE CAN CONTACT PASSED FRIENDS AND FAMILY BY USING THE RECORDING APP ON YOUR CELLPHONE.. just hit record when yr alone in a quiet room and talk to them just like they were still here… ask for them to come and picture them there and just start talking.. hit the record button and talk.. play it back and see what they say.. its that easy

  54. Hi when i was younger my younger brother had died from lukemia. He died when he was almsot a year and i remember it so very clearley. What i do is at night relax myself,picture him, and start talking usually i can feel his presence around me and other times i cant. But just remember the after life and spirits are true. I really beleive my little bro is still out there its just no one can see him.

  55. Hi, I'm Ella, I'm 15 and my dad just passed away of lung cancer, I was really close to him, he was my best friend , I really want to be Able to talk to him even thought he has passed away, is this true, would I be able to ??? Thanks (:

  56. i lost my mother in 1984, but at the time i was away in the armed forces.
    i have always felt bad, because i wasn't with her, at her sad end, when she was with me, at my beginning, and always looked after me, and was proud of me, and she loved me, no matter what,.
    i have always wanted to talk to her one last time, but i have always shy'd away, when the chance came. I don't think she has tried to contact me, but if she has, i would never have recognised it.
    Now, i am ready, this time i will take notice, i will follow the 3 tips from above.
    I mainly want to say sorry!.
    sorry for what, you might ask!!,
    I don't know, i just feel sorry.
    Sorry that she's not here any more.
    She still had so much more to give, and live for, and she died far too young, to live out any of her dreams, after bringing us kids up, which i think is a bit unfair.
    It is true what they say…it is always the good ones that leave us first, when there is so many bad people out there, that live instead.
    Sorry, i know that seems cynical, but it is how i feel.
    I have never tried to contact her before, and i am going to try, but there are a couple of things i would like advice on, which might help me, and i would appreciate any help, from any one.
    1…how do i react, if she does try and respond.?.
    2…should i stay quiet, and let her flow through me?
    3…How will i know it is her?.
    my mind could play tricks on me, telling me things i want to hear.
    4….should i be scared?.

    I do believe that it is possible, so i have faith in that.
    It might not be for a while, but i will let you know, if and when it happens, in other words,
    when i have the nerve to do it..
    and if you don't mind, i will describe it too you.
    thank you for your time.
    God bless.
    Roy Berry, Exeter

    • Hi…. i'm balaji from india… Don't worry i too lost my dad.. I'm also like you only friend i do beleiv that but i have not done that before.. I'm gonna do that tonight… I request you to do that this night.. And reply me.
      Thank you..

  57. iam not happy in this world because of i have lot of problem so my mind is not comes the single line but i want to know my old fifth generation who is th eone of the sithher(muni). i want to talk with him what can i do



  58. I lost my daddy. I'm very sorry for yor loss. My friend i can understand your feelings.. Even i'm in your same situation… No one is replying in this site… I dunno whether you saw my reply.. Anyway if i get some tips to takt to dead.. I'll surely sent you…. Visit this website wice a week… I'm waiting for you reply..

  59. BACK TO Balaji.
    thanks for getting back to me.
    i am going to try, but i can't tonight, or for a few days, because i have to work, but as soon as i get the chance i will.
    but please my friend, let me know how it goes with you.
    whatever you share with me, might give me the strength that i need.
    i will look forward to hearing from you again.
    take care
    Roy Berry Exeter

    • I forgot to mention, that my little sister, also passed away, but only 2 years since, she was only 40, and we buried her with mum, in the same grave, perhaps when i try to talk to mum, she might come through to.
      that would be nice.
      what do you think?…is that possible?, 2 at the same time!, or would that be a bit to much for me to handle?
      take care
      Roy Berry Exeter

  60. My dad passed away on Feb 6th and he was buried on valentine's day. He had a bad accident in early December and had grim chances of living. He made it all the way to rehab and I had just begun training to be his primary care person for when he was ready to go home, and he was suddenly ill again and passed within 2 days. He was with strangers at the hospital when he passed. I was with him the night before he passed and he was hallucinating and did not recognize me, and this broke my heart. The las thing I told him was that I loved him but my heart felt heavier than ever. I was awakened by call from the hospital that he was in cardiac arrest. I still can't believe he's gone and there are so many unanswered questions. I have a feeling that he is still not at rest and I feel that I need to speak with him at least to know he's ok. I'll repost with my experience.

  61. my name is lata fernandes my husband died this 9th year but he always comes in my dream i don't know what to say this communication is

    • I talk to the dead…they come to me because they need someone to talk to. Its scary at first but i promise its ok…they may even tell you something you really need to know…

  62. How long have ou been with this guy? my sister lost her fiance, they were together for 7 years and he was like a brother to me i just lost him last year, i am fine that he is gone now i just want to talk to him

  63. still feeling something regret thinking about my gf. Ma gf passed away from blood cancer few months ago on jan 2012 . On d other side I got serious injured from bomb blast on august 1 2011 n admitted to hospital n discharged in feb 2012, becoz of this i failled to meet her. Well if this topic help me, it will b great… I'll try it… I miss her so much…………

  64. hello,my name is ashley & i was wondering if you could message me on facebook.i looked you up but a whole bunch of sean ridout's came up,i would love if you could get back to me..Ashley Sayre,Summerville,Ga.

  65. theresan artist that im really inlove but he doesnt know me and its been 10 years since he died..can i still do that eventhough hhe desnt know me


    • hi, ananta…… can you tell me how to get connect with dead people….
      i lost my love on 15 december 2011 in a car crash. i am able to see her in my dreams but wont be able to talk.
      her death left me many questions for me..?????
      please yaar please……..plz……………… if you can give me any kind of help……… please mail me on this singhmhimanshu@gmail.com…….. my mail id..
      i am also from india, Rajasthan state……
      please, for god sake plz
      desperately waiting for your reply

    • mam, just for humanity if you could help me. plz ………
      plzzzzzzzzzz mam,

      waiting for your positive reply. please help, god will help you i swear. plz i want to contact her plzzz


      mai aapke reply ka wait kar raha hu, plz meri mail id par reply kare…… promise karta hu, aapko pereshan nahi karunga,

      please u can trust on me, please help me

    • hai anantha plzz tel me how talk with dead persons.

      my love my life my wife was passed away i want to talk with

      her badly i need

  67. my daughter 15 yo recently lost her boyfriend 14yo to cancer. He moved to USA while we are still in Australia.
    At first he started visiting her in her dreams, I was concerned so I asked him to not visit her. He did, as my daughter said he hadn't visited in a while.
    Now she says he has mastered the art of being with her and she can see and talk to him. He also has a new heart. He tells her there is no one around, although he did meet a gang and they want to kill him.
    I just want to know if my daughter is going crazy as she is living away from me now, so I cant check on her. And is this type of behaviour on the otherside normal practice?

  68. Hi Sean,

    I just lost my room mate of 16 years to a heart attack at our home. Just 4 days before his 48th Birthday. April 16th. I am saddened. He didn't look good to me that day. I asked if I could take him to the doctor. He told me he was fine. I later found out from his doctor, he called to cancel his appointment. I miss him so much. I need closure. I hope he is in heaven with Jesus and finaly out of pain. I don't know if you can help me with this, but I read your blog and wanted to ask. His name is William Dalton. My name is William Dixon. Thank you for your time.

  69. Hey I was just wondering if this really works I lost my one month and four day old son would I still be able to connect with him even thought he's a baby


  71. I lost my grandmother on 2nd may 2012. I was not with her when she died. I would like to talk to her and ask her wishes.

  72. CLARISSA. I need you I need help my brother pass away almost 2 month ago he kill by another guy he was so young and he have a baby I feel that is not fear that he have to died in that siscurtancia please I. Need to talk to him

  73. I lost my boyfriend 6 and half weeks ago. I am completely distraught about it still. My mum has booked me in to see a medium to see if anything comes from it.

    I have no idea how to clear my mind? Does anyone have any advise? I find it so difficult as there is a lot going through it at the min but I would love for nothing more than to connect with him!

    Please help

    • Hi dear

      can you share some of your loving movement with me and what you want to know about or want to share with your BF

      i am from India and i will try to do some thing for you. also share your and your Boy friends Snaps and your too

  74. I lost my boyfriend 6 and half weeks ago. I am completely distraught about it still. My mum has booked me in to see a medium to see if anything comes from it.
    I have no idea how to clear my mind? Does anyone have any advise? I find it so difficult as there is a lot going through it at the min but I would love for nothing more than to connect with him!
    Please help

  75. I was wondering if my father , grand mother and grand pa, is looking after me and sometimes I wanted to ask them to help get out of my financial burdens and bring me some luck.

    it this possible?

  76. hi i just lost a friend just yesterday from a drowning and i wanna know whathappend and talk to him one last time the last words he said to me was see you later and 2 hour after he said those words to me he was dead his name was eric king

  77. Hi sean I am Mahesh Banjan, on facebook, I need to talk to my sis-in-law.whom I lost last week. She was just 21 yrs and died suddenly. I need to talk to her as she trust me a lot

  78. I found this out just now. My sister died two yrs back.Her condition was so critical that she couldn't speak.She was extremely restless and agitated cauze she wanted to say something but was absolutely helpless.we all think that there was something left untold.Can u plz help me? Can I make contact with her?

  79. Can you help Sean? I am trying to learn to communicate with my recently departed dad and need tips. Please email me.


  80. its this truth we can talk with dead person.
    tell me truth i wanna to talk with my wife
    she recent passed . then how we can talk
    with her plzz help me


    • how is it like talking to the dead ? please tell me my granny passed away 5 in a hald months ago she raised me and my sisters now shes gone its hard raising 3 girls and im only 18 my mom wasnt really there , please tell me pleasee im beggin you i miss her so much its so depressing and stressed i need to ask her something please . add me on facebook (Lashaun Williams) or email me please lashaunwilliams73@yahoo.com thank you and god bless

  82. hi christy:

    i had read a book on life after Death in which i found that

    the sprite of people die in any uncertain circumstance the sprite of that person will still survive at place where he lived at-lest 1 month maximum up to 3 years or in some condition till 12 years
    In duration of first 1 to 3 month they always trying to talk to there love on by some Indication or sign

    in the mean time of there survival they always trying to take Birth in the same family from which they belong from
    so what ever i had read in that book i myself 100 % beleave on that what i think you baby who is now coming in this world is your Husband Only
    so my Dear He is coming Back to you to give you all those thing what he want to give you in your life
    dont worry about you condition what you presently have he will come and solve all your problem

    you only have to do is to Beleave on them

    if you want to share some thing with your Husband please share with your Baby who is inside you
    talk what ever you want to talk to your husband say every thing to you baby share every moment with you baby he hear you and still trying to solve you problems he also loves you lot BABY

    share the name of you Baby with you Husband today

  83. When I was 10 years of my father passed away. it was devastating because I was daddy's little girl. I'm almost 18 and I've been without him for over 7 years, because I'm almost 18 I feel lost without him I need help communicating with him I've tried I love that but I have a hard time concentrating on a mental picture while asking a question. I feel like this is affecting my communication with him. Please help I need to talk to him

  84. i know you have many replys please forgive me for asking for your time i just need a remedy from my mother aunt and grandmas passing to help me make it and i promise to practice the arts of talking to the dead and help others!

  85. hi my name is marieli perez…im from hartford ct….my little brother was kill 2 years ago in orlando fl,he was shot to death in his own apartment we belive that the people that roomate with him have something to do with this…i dont know what happend and why it happend…my brother was a nice person and he dint deserve to die the way he did…i will like to know what happend that night….the investigators dont have nothing…please help me…i will like to talk to my brother….

  86. I lost my uncle almost 3 years ago and i feel like there is something i need to tell him. When ever me or my family have turkey it makes me think of him because him and my dad would fight over the skin and when people play cards he used to play card all the time……
    And his name is Lloyd.

  87. A month ago i lost my brother.He met with accident and he is no more now. can you plz plz help to talk with my brother

  88. Hi, my Grandma died in March of 2011. Her name is Juanita, but went by Nita instead. Anyway, I miss her & need to talk to her. What can I do exactly to communicate with her & get a response?

  89. I hav lost my luv bcz of my mistake…i lost him in front of my eyes…i wanted to ask him lots of question ….why he live m alone???evrybody blaming m bcz of dis..cnt liv widout him…plz i want 2 contact him…help m…plz…

    • I can realize your pain. Same types of pain i am living with. If you get any way please let me know. bapon4435@yahoo.com.
      I have done some theory work.But didnt try it. Now i will try. I dont know what will happen. But i believe in telepathy.I did it successfully before. Now i also believe to talk with my beloved.

    • you can also use automatic writing.. at times it helps.. just cool ur self down.. be calm and relazed. keep a paper and pen with you.. the pen should be on your paper.. close you eyes and just think of the person n ask hime the question u want to.. the next thing youll know. ull have something written on your paper. but ull have to figure it out. i tried this when i tried contacting my mother it worked..

  90. i have wanted to talk to my lost friend for a while now and i havent thought of a way to do it and havent brought myself to and am afraid any help

    • Just because you're skeptical doesn't mean it isn't possible. There is no need to be rude because you don't understand.

  91. I m a 19 yrr old boy 4m india……,i was supposed to ve an elder brother but he died before i was born…….as i m getting older i really feel his absence in my lyf…….i seem lost n alone……i guess if he was alive i wud ve bn da happiest persn on earth coz he woud ve bn my lyf……i want to communicate wid him…..plz help….


  93. Every night, i ask God to shield me from stranger-spirits, who would visit me in my dreams asking for personal favors like telling their families where they hide land titles, insurances, etc…. and sometimes they just want me to hear their sentiments…. its is very scary. believe me you would not like talking to them. it is cool for awhile but later on, it will drain you. If your loved one had passed away..let it go…… move on……. don't try to contact them. because once your 6th sense is open, many spirits will be knocking at your door. i dont know how to close mine…..any suggestion?…pls help!

    • Hi, dona… can you please tell me, how can we contact to those spirits…. how to open the sixth sense. i had some past experiences, but my sixth sense still not very strong, i lost my gf in a car crash…. so i need to talk just for once…..
      please if you help me out in this…..
      waiting for your reply
      please mam please…..

  94. i m sathya.. i lost my love on aug 8 '12 …. i cant overcome his absence in my life. i want him back to me.. people say tat his fate was to kill himself, bt i cant believe those things.. my darling was a perfect guy, till the last second he was talking wit me… he made me to sleep and hanged himself… i wanna talk wit my love plsssssssss help me out.. i beg u.. pls give me a solution

  95. I have lost some close friends during my highschhol year . i just wanna no if they felt pain when they went away if they no thst iam talking to them can they hear me do they see me cry.that i or anyone friends familg children will NEVER forget them that they are always in our hearts… i miss u scott and brendan..

  96. I lost my husband just a month back due to massive heart attack i feel that i cant live without him, i want him back kindly help to communicate with him pleaseeeeee i am becoming mad, i am very much alone without him i dont know that to do feeling like dying

    • I am very sad for your loss padmini. I've lost many family and friends. I often scold myself for the way I treated them. I've made many bad mistakes in my life. The people I've lost haunt me – not as in ghost haunting… the bad memories of the way I treated them and the hurtful things I've said. Karma, I believe, is very real and my heart is broken, my mind is aloof and I've felt more hurt and anger now than I ever have in my life. I'm on the constant hunt for a definitive answer to "Is there anything after this life?", and watching these freak shows on television with a camera crew chasing overzealous nit-wits doesn't help differentiate fact from science fiction.

      I honestly wish I had the gift to talk with the dead, for purposes of helping people heal. I would feel like my life has purpose. At this time, I can't find purpose. This isn't a boo–hoo, poor me post. I have yet to see anything with my own eyes or hear anything that has made me a believer… after 40 years on this earth. I've attempted, on many occasions, to open my third eye, but I guess I didn't get handed one from my maker. Science has delved into the chemistry and effects of a dying brain – and they have managed to explain why things seemingly extraordinary happen to those near death, but aren't so extraordinary.

      I sure would like for someone to prove me wrong. It sure would be nice to know that talking to the dead is a real gift rather than a practiced deception to make money from.

  97. there are lots on people on facebook with that name i tred to contact you , can you be more specifi , or describe your picture please

  98. roy please iam in desperate need of advice im 18 , my grandmother died 5 months ago she was like a mother to me she raised me i miss her and need tot ell her i love her and im sorry and i miss her soooo very much please tell me how it goes when you try it and tell me what i should do if she responds to me , tell me how it went please… god bless you <3

  99. Hi
    Sean could you please ask my father as how can i solve all problems in our family which he always worried about. and ask him as what is my future. he loves me very much. he definately wants to talk to me but we both do not have a proper mode of communication. please help. Our family is in lots of problem. contact me on nsuraj35@yahoo.co.in

  100. Hello I have been trying to figure out how to talk to the dead for a while now especially because I jut learned that my best friends sister died but no tactics seem to work. Please if you know a way to talk to the dead that actualy works and you tried it before post it I'm sure many people will appreciate it! πŸ˜€ thank you and I am praying for you all.

  101. how are u supposed to communicate with the dead if u do not no wht they look like but u have felt them and heard them,does anybody no.

  102. When my mother passed away her favorite song came up on the radio shorlty after she had gone, the volume of the radio turned up (on its own…) it was to me, a message to send to my Dad. The same thing happened with to other friends who had passed away, a song came up on the radio (one which had been dedicated to me when I was sweet sixteen) am in my forties now…and the other friend I had again shortly after he had gone, his favorite song came up and it wasnt a song which was played at all on the radio…I have heard if the dead really want to give you a message they do. After my mum died, I had visions of her and still dream of her. I would love to interact with her and am going to try this technique of five mins a day to get through to her, will see if I hve any joy or not. My one cat acted like someone was in the room with me the one night standing on my bed sniffing and looking into a corner by my bed, I could of sworn it was her. There have also been floral fragrances just out of the blue where Iv been on my own with no-one around, I still wondered if it was her..dont we all just miss our loved ones so much…

  103. I am so happy to share this lovely testimones with you all,
    My name mellisa from orlando florida,i lost my husband 12 years ago to a collpased building at his working place.So ever since then life has not be unfair to me and my only son.A friend of his advice to find a diviner to that i can speak to him at least for once.I thought that it was not possible for someone to speak with dead people.He persueded me to do it,so i searched on the internet so i found people tesifying on how Doctor Jefferson has helped them to speak to their dead ones.I contacted him and guess what i finally spoke to my husband,and my son also spoke to him.I am very happy and thanks to doctor jefferson.If you guys will love to speak to your dead ones you can contact him via his email- doctorjeffersontemple@gmail.com

    • please can u give me the mail id of the following person. i need to talk to gf. so please if possible for you…..

  104. I lost my dad nov. 25 2012 .. I want to be able to talk to him freely .. I have questions.. I miss my dad and im goin crazy over missing him. My dad was my world . Someoby plz help

    • i lost my dad on 12/25/12 i miss my dad very much too. I've heard the dead can communicate with us through dreams. My dad came to his friend's dream and gave her a set of numbers the day he was cremated and those numbers came out on 1/7/13. So I think it might be true that they communicate through dreams.

    • All your thoughts will be heard by him, he will be missing you too. He will want you to live your life to the fullest. Talk to him through your thoughts, it will help both of you. X

  105. I have finally spoken to my late boyfriend after he dead in the hospital with heart failure.Life has not been so easy for me since he left me.I talked to people if there is a way i could speak to him for once because i was dreaming of him since he was buried and him keep appearing to me probably wanting to speak with me.I was confused and i told a friend of mine my situation and he told me that he can help me to find a diviner that communicates with the dead.That was how i came to know Doctor Jefferson.He did everything within his power and i finally talked to my late boyfriend,ever since my mind as been on rest.Thanks to Jefferson for making my dreams come through.Contact him if you fill like talking to you late ones.His email address is- doctorjeffersontemple@gmail.com

  106. While I don't rule out that this is possible, I don't agree with the mindset of those who feel that they cannot go on living without the deceased, and that they no longer have any purpose for living their own life. I feel that this is a sign of weakness in a person, and that those who have passed on, would not want you to feel that way. They themselves learned how to go on living, after losing people when they were still alive. We did not all come into this world together, and we will not all leave it at the same time. Many people live on this planet separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, yet remain close.

  107. when i was 9 my father passed away now im 13. the day he died the radio turned on then i watched a programe he didnt liked me to watch it was south park then the channel changed to a differrent channel. that was pretty scary. and then 2 years later at his best friends wedding i saw him in the background.

  108. My name is Lucio Anna I have been rejected by my husband after 10 years of marriage just because another woman and he left me and the kid to suffer. One day when i was reading through the web, i saw a post on how this spell caster on this address kelvinspiritual1@gmail.com have help a woman to get back her husband and i? gave him a reply to his email address and he told me that a woman had a spell on my husband and he told me that he will help me and after 3 days that i will have my husband back.

  109. hello my nan died three years ago im 18 and findin it so hard to deal with please can someone help me get through to her i beg of you it would mean the world to me im so sad all the time just need to talk to her

  110. I lost my dad 6 months back. It was a very untimely death. My mom is all devastated. I did not get to talk to him before he was gone. I want to talk to him desparately. I want him to know I love him the most.

  111. Thanks once again the great Dr samura I am faith krotov I want to
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  112. lost my beloved wife on 21 Jan 2013. It was a sudden death, Its very tough and very heard for me to stay alone without any type of communication at least. I have tried all the ways but in vain. Can any one guide me how c an I be in touch with her

  113. my husband and I were both going thru hard times and problems we let go to far and really wanted and looked for help everywhere,my husband finally had gotten ahold of a nurse n alocal hospital tht was willing to help us both and we were to go to tht hospital ,meet him, and be checked in the following morning.We went thru another tough night of no sleep he left that morning telling me he was taking the dog to a friends house a few houses down the street so she would be cared for since we would be gone awhile.I went n the next room where I found his phone (so I couldn't contact him) I knew instantly something was bad wrong and I was crying I was scared and felt he was not coming back within a few seconds a knock was at the door it was the police,he had come to tell me my husband had takin his own life,,,,he went to his sisters told her he had seen a deer tht need put down it was injured and got a shot gun ,,he put the gun under his chin and pulled the trigger,i miss him sooo I just wanna speak to him sooo bad I wanna tell him I love him and I miss him and just know that he is okay.please help me…………….lost and unable to love

  114. recently I have lost my father. my father death is a sudden death. I want to communicate with my father. how can I do it. kindly inform me………..

  115. Hi. My name is Hemalatha. I am from India, New Delhi. I lost my son Varun in road accident on 23rd December, 2008. He was 18 years old. I am very depressed and disturbed for the past 4 years and badly want to hear some news from him. Can u pls help me to get some information about him. My mobile number is 09810529944.

  116. Hi. This is murali from Bangalore, India. I lost my father 15days back till date. His death has become a mystery. Please help me to talk to mydad. My father's name is Valluru Venkaiah.

  117. Hi my name is Vanessa. My husband died in a fatal car accident March 17th 2020,he was on his way to work,on a road we took every single day for the last two years. He was only 34 he would’ve been 35, September 19th. We married on 2007,but been together since 2005. He was the love of my life,my soulmate. And ever since I’ve been sooo lost without him. Is there anyone who is in tune with the spirits? That could help me? I never got clarity on what actually happened,I never got to say my final goodbye,I want to talk to him somehow. I’m so lost without him. 😭 I want to know if he’s mad at me for trying to move on, in reality all I want is him of course. I do have a boyfriend now, someone who he even knew. Does he .iss his kids? I want to know everything I need to know.


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