Millions of people talk to the dead every day – and so can you with these three easy steps!

All you have to do is clear your mind of thoughts and worries and tune in to the invisible lines of communication that exist between the living and the dead.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to speak with dead friends and loved ones at will, just like millions of other people who rely on the dead to give them advice and guidance on a daily basis.

“It might sound too good to be true – but it’s not,” declared Dr. John Stanton, whose exciting book, Talking to the Dead, is expected to hit bookshelves next spring.

“Studies suggest that as many as 720 million people across the world communicate with dead relatives and loved ones every day. They rely on them for all kinds of advice, ranging from financial problems and career choices to lucky numbers for the lottery.

“These people aren’t lunatics or crackpots,” he added. “They’re solid citizens like you and me. And if you want to learn how to talk to the dead, you can.

“It’s as easy as one, two, three.”

In his book, Dr. Stanton tells how Mrs. H.G. of Los Angeles won a $1.7 million lottery jackpot using numbers she got from her husband, who was killed in a car crash four years earlier. He also cites the case of R.T. of Baltimore, who bought stock at the urging of his dead dad – and re-sold it four weeks later for a $240,000 profit.

You can learn to talk to the dead with the following tips from Dr. Stanton’s book. The three-point plan is easy to master and will work for anyone, Dr. Stanton said.

  1. Find a quiet place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and clear your mind of all thoughts and worries.
  2. When you feel perfectly relaxed, fix a mental image of the person you want to communicate with in your mind.
  3. After a few seconds, ask the person a question. Keep your mind focused on the mental image of the person you want to communicate with. Do not put words in his mouth. Wait patiently for the reply.

“You might connect on the first try, but don’t count on it,” said Dr. Stanton. “Chances are, you’ll have to practice the techniques for a week or so before you break through the invisible boundary between the living and the dead.

That’s not to say that you should wear yourself out. Five minutes a day is more than enough to master the procedure.”

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  1. Hello I have been trying to figure out how to talk to the dead for a while now especially because I jut learned that my best friends sister died but no tactics seem to work. Please if you know a way to talk to the dead that actualy works and you tried it before post it I'm sure many people will appreciate it! 😀 thank you and I am praying for you all.

  2. how are u supposed to communicate with the dead if u do not no wht they look like but u have felt them and heard them,does anybody no.

  3. When my mother passed away her favorite song came up on the radio shorlty after she had gone, the volume of the radio turned up (on its own…) it was to me, a message to send to my Dad. The same thing happened with to other friends who had passed away, a song came up on the radio (one which had been dedicated to me when I was sweet sixteen) am in my forties now…and the other friend I had again shortly after he had gone, his favorite song came up and it wasnt a song which was played at all on the radio…I have heard if the dead really want to give you a message they do. After my mum died, I had visions of her and still dream of her. I would love to interact with her and am going to try this technique of five mins a day to get through to her, will see if I hve any joy or not. My one cat acted like someone was in the room with me the one night standing on my bed sniffing and looking into a corner by my bed, I could of sworn it was her. There have also been floral fragrances just out of the blue where Iv been on my own with no-one around, I still wondered if it was her..dont we all just miss our loved ones so much…

  4. I am so happy to share this lovely testimones with you all,
    My name mellisa from orlando florida,i lost my husband 12 years ago to a collpased building at his working place.So ever since then life has not be unfair to me and my only son.A friend of his advice to find a diviner to that i can speak to him at least for once.I thought that it was not possible for someone to speak with dead people.He persueded me to do it,so i searched on the internet so i found people tesifying on how Doctor Jefferson has helped them to speak to their dead ones.I contacted him and guess what i finally spoke to my husband,and my son also spoke to him.I am very happy and thanks to doctor jefferson.If you guys will love to speak to your dead ones you can contact him via his email-

    • please can u give me the mail id of the following person. i need to talk to gf. so please if possible for you…..

  5. I lost my dad nov. 25 2012 .. I want to be able to talk to him freely .. I have questions.. I miss my dad and im goin crazy over missing him. My dad was my world . Someoby plz help

    • i lost my dad on 12/25/12 i miss my dad very much too. I've heard the dead can communicate with us through dreams. My dad came to his friend's dream and gave her a set of numbers the day he was cremated and those numbers came out on 1/7/13. So I think it might be true that they communicate through dreams.

    • All your thoughts will be heard by him, he will be missing you too. He will want you to live your life to the fullest. Talk to him through your thoughts, it will help both of you. X

  6. I have finally spoken to my late boyfriend after he dead in the hospital with heart failure.Life has not been so easy for me since he left me.I talked to people if there is a way i could speak to him for once because i was dreaming of him since he was buried and him keep appearing to me probably wanting to speak with me.I was confused and i told a friend of mine my situation and he told me that he can help me to find a diviner that communicates with the dead.That was how i came to know Doctor Jefferson.He did everything within his power and i finally talked to my late boyfriend,ever since my mind as been on rest.Thanks to Jefferson for making my dreams come through.Contact him if you fill like talking to you late ones.His email address is-

  7. While I don't rule out that this is possible, I don't agree with the mindset of those who feel that they cannot go on living without the deceased, and that they no longer have any purpose for living their own life. I feel that this is a sign of weakness in a person, and that those who have passed on, would not want you to feel that way. They themselves learned how to go on living, after losing people when they were still alive. We did not all come into this world together, and we will not all leave it at the same time. Many people live on this planet separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, yet remain close.

  8. when i was 9 my father passed away now im 13. the day he died the radio turned on then i watched a programe he didnt liked me to watch it was south park then the channel changed to a differrent channel. that was pretty scary. and then 2 years later at his best friends wedding i saw him in the background.

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  10. hello my nan died three years ago im 18 and findin it so hard to deal with please can someone help me get through to her i beg of you it would mean the world to me im so sad all the time just need to talk to her

  11. I lost my dad 6 months back. It was a very untimely death. My mom is all devastated. I did not get to talk to him before he was gone. I want to talk to him desparately. I want him to know I love him the most.

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  13. lost my beloved wife on 21 Jan 2013. It was a sudden death, Its very tough and very heard for me to stay alone without any type of communication at least. I have tried all the ways but in vain. Can any one guide me how c an I be in touch with her

  14. my husband and I were both going thru hard times and problems we let go to far and really wanted and looked for help everywhere,my husband finally had gotten ahold of a nurse n alocal hospital tht was willing to help us both and we were to go to tht hospital ,meet him, and be checked in the following morning.We went thru another tough night of no sleep he left that morning telling me he was taking the dog to a friends house a few houses down the street so she would be cared for since we would be gone awhile.I went n the next room where I found his phone (so I couldn't contact him) I knew instantly something was bad wrong and I was crying I was scared and felt he was not coming back within a few seconds a knock was at the door it was the police,he had come to tell me my husband had takin his own life,,,,he went to his sisters told her he had seen a deer tht need put down it was injured and got a shot gun ,,he put the gun under his chin and pulled the trigger,i miss him sooo I just wanna speak to him sooo bad I wanna tell him I love him and I miss him and just know that he is okay.please help me…………….lost and unable to love

  15. recently I have lost my father. my father death is a sudden death. I want to communicate with my father. how can I do it. kindly inform me………..

  16. Hi. My name is Hemalatha. I am from India, New Delhi. I lost my son Varun in road accident on 23rd December, 2008. He was 18 years old. I am very depressed and disturbed for the past 4 years and badly want to hear some news from him. Can u pls help me to get some information about him. My mobile number is 09810529944.

  17. Hi. This is murali from Bangalore, India. I lost my father 15days back till date. His death has become a mystery. Please help me to talk to mydad. My father's name is Valluru Venkaiah.

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