DALLAS – Texas is raising it’s speed limit to 100 mph!

At 80 mph, Texas’ speed limit is already one of the highest in the nation, but the Texas House of Representatives has approved a bill that raises that limit to 100 on all roads throughout the state.
Motorists with a heavy foot may appreciate the greater freedom, but not everyone is on board. Some are worried the elevated speed limit may cause more accidents, particularly deadly ones, on the state’s roadways.

“This is a settled issue. When you raise speed limits, you have more accidents,” Caleb Tompskin, a spokeman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, told WWN. “Some people get where they’re going faster, but some people will die. But at 100 mph, at least it will be over fast.”

However, Sheriff Mikel Strickland in Ward County, Texas, said a new law wasn’t likely to have much effect in little populated areas. “We’re really rural, so a lot of ’em are already driving at least 100 mph anyway,” he said in a phone interview today. “I don’t see much more impact.”

Strickland, however, said he is somewhat concerned that drivers may push their speeds past 100 mph. “If they raise it to 85, they’re gonna drive 110,” he said.
In some areas of Utah, the speed limit is a swift 100 mph as well.
Texas officials denied that the reason they want the speed limit so high is so that visitors can “get the hell out of our state” as quickly as possible.  State Attorney General, Wally Beener said, “We love out-of-state visitors, but we love it even more when they leave.”

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14 thoughts on “TEXAS SPEED LIMIT RAISED TO 100 MPH”

    • That certainly is one way for some people to enter the grave sooner than it should be – especially the innocent ones. Rediculous!!!!!!

  1. Texas at one time provided American oil. Our oil importers can't wait for the high speed oil burning. The gas mileage posted on your new car cannot be attained at 100 mph. This will make the speculators very happy.

  2. And that's only because I grew up reading Dr Seuss books like Green Eggs and Ham or Oh See Can You Say which the latter is a lot more difficult even for grown ups! but the pictures in the latter book are very neatly drawn.)
    If it weren't for Dr Seuss I wouldn't even have a sense of humor.

  3. That's odd. Why does my first comment pop up but my second one is held for approval even though no bad language or anything illegal was said?

  4. People only do the speed limit when cops are around anyway. Why limit to 100mph? Just go as fast as you want. Keep speed limits on the inner cities at safe levels, but interstates should be at the drivers discretion.

  5. If you keep raising speed limit all you going to do is cause is a higher death rate or a person that holds a very hi office is killed in a accident then they’ll think twice about raising the speed limit

  6. Well I think that considering most will drive according to conditions and comfort level. There is no issue. I think all speed limits should be tossed out the window with all the safety equipment cars have on them these days and those driving older cars that have nothing well those are going to be the most cautious because they are driving and the computers controlled vehicles will limit the drivers reckless behaviour just some fun here.


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