LONDON – World War Two German bomber, from the 1940s, are once again dropping bombs on England!
Brits were shocked on Friday to see old Nazi bomber planes flying overhead again and – dropping bombs!
This fighter plane attack comes soon after British oceanographers found a The Dornier 17  in the sea just off the Kent coast, southeast England, in an area known as the Goodwin Sands.
The plane came to rest upside-down in 50 feet of water and has become partially visible from time to time as the sands retreated before being buried again.

Apparently, this aeronautical find, reawakened some Nazi fighter spirits.   “It wasn’t long after we announced the discovery that we saw the Nazi planes overhead, dropping bombs!” said lead researcher Dr. Thomas Hillstrom of Kent.
The worst of it all for the Brits:  these ghost pilots have no fear of dying.  They’re already dead!
The Dornier 17, known as “the flying pencil,” dropped fifteen bombs on Dover last night.  British anti-aircraft missiles tried to take the Nazi planes down, but were unsuccessful.  The Dornier 17 was designed as a passenger plane in 1934 and was later converted for military use as a fast bomber, difficult to hit and theoretically able to outpace enemy fighter aircraft and anti-aircraft guns.

Six hundred Bits have already died in the latest bombing raid.  “We were sitting around watching Peep Show when suddenly there was a bomb hitting our garage.  It was quite unsettling.”
British Prime Minister Cameron Brown has called on Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, to halt the bombing raids, but Merkel said she has no knowledge of the attack.  “We don’t order ghost planes to drop bombs.”
Meanwhile, the Brits are planning to attack Berlin.  Stay tuned…

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  1. What would NAZIS want from England? A character domination as to what's right in manners, or is it conserning orientation as to who goes with who to bed, or is it enslayvement demands in work situations? What ever fact or allusion was in biz, things could only improvise through education and social order humanly, not in direct oppression. What is it that leads England to classify its people socailly that really disturbs Germany? Hummph, I wonder about a future thennnn!

  2. If I knew we Germans have planed a new war I would have bought more tins!
    Please tell me our tale later, allright?
    Greetings from Germany!


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