Every year, all the right wing big shots get together in Washington, D.C. at that CPAC thing. And they never ever invite me to their shindig!
That’s no way to treat one of the pioneers of this whole movement, let alone a decorated veteran of Pork Chop Hill like yours truly!
Dammit, I was ranting against big government and commies and fluoride in the water when William F. Buckley was still on training skis.
But do they ever ask me to come to their big party and give a fancy speech, like they do Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck? NEVER!
If it wasn’t for me, none of those young whippersnappers would have their million dollar contracts and private jets and their faces on the cover of LIFE magazine!
I can’t be completely ticked off, though, because there was some good news this week: that “global warming” scam is falling apart faster than a Prius in the fast lane!
All those egghead scientists are quitting their jobs and admitting they made stuff up and the dog ate their homework and saying they want to kill themselves!
Here’s what we need to do: let’s get the Supreme Court to overturn the 2000 election, let Al Gore be President after all – then impeach him for his “global warming” crap that’s made us waste trillions of dollars!
I dare those Bilderburger Beltway boys in their hundred dollar suits at the big rightwing shindig to put THAT on the agenda! But no! They’re too busy drinking their highballs and chomping their cigars to do something REALLY radical!
That’s ok. Your old pal Ed Anger will still be fighting to save these great United States – all alone if I have to!
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  1. Ed, you are sort of one of a kind. Don't take that the wrong way but I think you would stand out more if you started a fringe group which featured you. You know a personality cult sort of thing. I think America's ready for it and you wouldn't have to worry about making sense anymore. Not that you do anyway . . .

  2. If congress is calling the heads of Toyota to the carpet they should also call in Al Gore, get down to the nuts and bolts of the grand lie and throw people in jail for fabricating a multimillion dollar hoax.

  3. Has Weekly World News now become irrelevant in the main stream? No one comes here anymore to rail against the truth. What gives?


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