NEW YORK, NY – In an interview with The Insider, Gary Coleman showed that his attitude makes up for what he lacks in size!
Gary Coleman, 42, stormed off the set of the show after a heated argument with attorney Lisa Bloom. The argument was a result of Bloom asking Coleman if he had an abusive relationship with his wife, Shannon Price.
Coleman was arrested in January on a domestic assault warrant, stemming from a missed court date. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and was ordered to complete a course on domestic violence and pay a fine of $595.
“If people want to believe that I assaulted my wife at 4’7″ and she’s 5’6″, then they can believe that all day long, I don’t care,” he said on the show. “There is no abuse that goes on at my house.”
Bloom pressed the issue on Coleman, leading him to storm off the set. “You can go walk off the plank and drown yourself in the ocean,” he said before he walked off.
Check out the moment below.

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