WASHINGTON D.C. – Stephen Baldwin’s acting career hasn’t exactly been A-list material. That’s not stopping him from making noise in other areas!
Stephen Baldwin has become successful as of late as a reality TV staple and a conservative radio host. At yesterday’s annual Conservative Political Action Conference, Baldwin offered some tough love to President Obama.
“I am not happy about the way things are,” Baldwin told ABC’s Jonathan Karl. “I pray for President Obama every single day. But tell you what. Homey made his bed, now he’s gotta lay in it.”
Karl, a little thrown off by the use of ‘homey,” wanted to be completely clear of who he was referring to. “Homey being President Obama?” he asked to which Baldwin quickly responded, “That’s correct. That’s correct.”
The term “homey” is usually an abbreviated form of the word “homeboy,” which denotes a fellow gang member or a male from one’s neighborhood.
Stephen Baldwin is the youngest of the four Baldwin brothers and is an outspoken Christian and conservative Republican.

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