Did Al Gore get elected President after all? Cuz everywhere Al goes, it snows – and I see Washington is covered in the stuff!
They say a bunch of bureaucrats got the day off. Let’s hope the blizzard keeps up – the longer those dodos stay off the “job,” the better off we’ll be!
I’m surprised the Teleprompter Kid’s hot air hasn’t melted all the snow by now, though. He was on my damn TV set AGAIN yesterday. Dammit, he still hasn’t sent me a check for the new one I needed to buy when his face burned into my old one last year. Now it looks like that stupid Shroud of Turnips those Catholics pray to!
You’d think some of those people in D.C. never saw snow before. ‘Course, maybe Obama hasn’t, being from Liberia or wherever. But the rest of his crew is from Chicago, so they’ve got no excuses for whining about a little white stuff.
Hell, when I was a boy, we didn’t get “snow days” or any of that crap! We went to our little red one room schoolhouse no matter what. That “blizzard” they’ve got in D.C. is nothing compared to what we trudged through back in my day.
Kids today are such wimps. All they do is play at their damn video games all day, sitting in their baggy pants, eating Cheetos.
I hope the next bad guys who attack us are zombie skeletons with magic swords, cuz from what I can tell with these video games, that’s the only army today’s kids know how to fight!
Anyway, I’ll be waiting for Al Gore to explain how all this snow is caused by global warming, or else give back all his prizes. But I expect that won’t happen until Washington really freezes over!
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2 thoughts on “ED ANGER SAYS, "LET IT SNOW!"”

  1. Ed I agree that kids these days are too wimpy .. what happened to the gold old days of going to the park and hanging out rather than sitting at home with a headset .. they've lost touch on how to interact with others
    Fix it Ed Fix it. Or just tell Michael Jackson to fix it.


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