So I hear a bunch of A-rabs are tearing down another statue of some guy named “Hussein”!
No, not in I-raq this time! I mean those A-rabs in that Indianeezy country Obama used to live in when he was a kid – they built a statue of the guy, and they already want to pull it down!
Finally: Americans and A-rabs feel the same way about something!
These foreigners say Obama hasn’t done enough for their crappy country since he got elected. Sounds familiar!
Speaking of crappy: one of the A-rabs said, “We could say Obama only ate and s***” here” before he took off for the U. S. of A. I better not say anything about that!
We really need to jump on this right away. A-rabs and Americans don’t see eye to eye about anything – mostly because those rags on their heads are always slipping down.
So let’s say to them, “Hey, we know just how you feel about Obama being a total loser! While we’re at it, can we finally work out that whole ‘oil and Jews and blowing up stuff’ thing?”
After all the time Jimmy Carter wasted trying to get these A-rabs’ minds right, turns out all it took was a crappier President than him to get elected and piss us all off together!
And here I thought they gave the Communist-in-Chief that Peace Prize way too soon.
They might even find Obama’s lost birth certificate under that statue when they pull it down!
What are we waiting for, my fellow Americans? I say we forget about that Haiti hellhole and start sending rope and backhoes over to Indianeezy right now!

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