LOS ANGELES, CA – Charlie Sheen was arrested Christmas Day for domestic violence.  Sources reveal the argument started over a game of Wii Boxing that got out of hand.
Actor Charlie Sheen was arrested Christmas afternoon in Aspen, Colorado.  Police were called on reports of a domestic dispute.  Upon arriving on the scene Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller were engaged in what authorities described as “30’s style boxing” in the living room.  Police broke up the violence which had apparently been going on for 6 rounds.
According to reports the two had been competing all morning, and were pushed over the line by a heated game of Wii boxing.  It started like most holiday domestic disputes with too much Egg Nog too early in the day.  From there the married couple went on to play Guitar Hero.  Their judgment and coordination impaired by the Nog, neither spouse played to their usual best and both became annoyed.  After an epic defeat and being booed off the virtual stage the two decided to settle their differences with Wii boxing, the dangerously lifelike boxing simulation game.  Each round only fueled their animosity, until they were screaming at each other and their avatars loud enough for the neighbors to hear.  Soon enough an argument arose over the Wii not being responsive or realistic enough, and a real boxing match broke out in the living room.
Sheen was suffering three broken ribs and two cracked teeth at the time of his arrest.  His wife Meuller had no injuries other than a few bruises, possibly relating to the fact she is 18 years younger and in better shape than her husband.  Sheen later posted bail and immediately got on a flight to Los Angeles to get away from his still angry wife who texted him immediately upon his release “R U ready 4 next round WIMP?”
Charlie Sheen, whose real name is Carlos Inigo Montoya Estevez, has yet to release an official statement on the incident and is currently on the run from both bad publicity and his vengeful wife.

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  1. Im sorry but reading this article was funny. I think the fact that Charlie has broken ribs and cracked teeth she should have been arrested as well.

  2. Oh dear…Charlie Sheen has smashed up another luxury suite I've seen today. It's his own fault. Why does he floats around with losers that dont really love him?

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