So Tiger Woods’ wife got p-o’d and made a hole in one of his cars with one of his own golf clubs!
Seems that millionaire golfing fella got into a fight with his supermodel wife on the weekend and then he had some crazy car accident while he was trying to get away from her.
The supermarket papers say he was having a fling with some floozy after showing her “a good golf grip”. So that’s what the kids are calling it these days!
Tiger Woods is married to one of those Swedish models, so why would he fool around behind her back? Hell, married to her, he should be too tuckered out to golf, let alone fool around!
Folks are making jokes right now about balls and holes and swinging and birdies but I can’t figure them because I never cared much for golf. It’s more like figure skating than a real sport, complete with bright colored outfits.
There’s no fighting or sweating or swearing and none of the players seem to be on crazy drugs.
When you win the big prize, it’s just a stupid green jacket like you’d see at J.C. Penny’s!
Plus they let ladies play golf, so that proves it must be stupid.
Compared to other athletes, even Tiger Woods’ “crime” is pretty crappy. All he did was crash a car a few feet from his house. Hell, I’m pretty sure half the county’s college football players would call that a typical Saturday night.
So man up, golf guys! Next time, don’t even bother unless you’re gonna kill your wife then get away with it!

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2 thoughts on “ED ANGER: "TIGER'S IN THE DOGHOUSE!"”

  1. I resent this post! As a female golfer I can assure you that there's plenty of fighting when I play with my husband, there's no shortage of the crudest kind of swearing, and most golfers don't need crazy drugs to make us loopy on the course. Plenty of spouses that play together contemplate murder. It's just a matter of time before someone bludgeons their husband or wife to death with a 9 iron.


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