So the Commies lost two out of three big votes last night!
The one in New Jersey wasn’t that big a deal. Who the hell couldn’t beat that homely, hairy, drunk driving millionaire governor, even in that Mafia-run, union thug swamp hole?
I like the new fat guy they picked, but they’re gonna have to make the doors of the mansion wider so he can fit through.
I hear he’s already put Pizza Hut on speed dial on the governor’s phone!
The Commies lost big in Virginia too. Bad news is, we didn’t win in New York, probably because it was a choice between a fat lady named Scuzzophobia and Mr. Peepers.
Scuzzophobia looks like Tony Soprano’s lesbian sister, and nobody wanted to look at THAT for the next four years! So they got rid of her and put in some other guy, and being New York, they voted for the Commie!
So the Teleprompter Kid just pouted alone all night, feeding marijuana to his unicorns out in the Rose Garden, while his wife took their kids to see one of those slutty teenage “singers.” Wow, that sets a great example! Maybe next time they can all go to Jerry Springer.
Turns out the Communist-in-Chief isn’t so special after all. Real Americans are already sick of him. They thought they were getting Sidney Poitier but he turned out to be Urkel!
Now all the Teleprompter Kid’s old friends are gonna treat him like he’s got the pig flu!
Look out, Commies! Us tea partiers are coming to get you! Just wait until next year. We’re gonna tar and feather all of you, and stick a pitchfork in you when you’re done!

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5 thoughts on “ED ANGER SAYS: "TAKE THAT, OBAMA!"”

  1. This site could be so much better without Right Wing gobbledygook like this. I am an independent that gets a kick out of the BS stories the site posts about aliens, monsters and freaks. This political junk needs to go to a different site. This guy is welcome to think like he wants, but the people who run this site really need to decide if they want to be political or crazy.
    Unless, of course, the intended effect is to make these political rants seem just as crazy as the 'Alien Graveyard in Africa.'
    I like this site and remember seeing WWN on the grocery shelves and getting a kick out of reading it as a kid. Maybe junk like this is why you can't find it out there any more.
    Best of luck.

  2. So.. these posts just write themselves. Now THAT is a story worth printing!
    I guess I didn't ever read the Ed Anger pieces back in the day… But if he has been around that long then at least I not understand why WWN no longer exists as a publication.
    PS- That first sentence is sarcasm. I figured I would point that out since it is so obvious that joopiter needs help understanding simple sentences.

  3. Oh Frank, you poor confused liberal independent. You're just a lockstep away from communism. If you were up to date, most all Newspapers are on brink of total collapse. WWN was told the future by our alien friends and they made the jump. I'm really glad they did, my local grocer always seemed to forget to place an order for WWN.
    Stay on the CNN website and you'll get all the commie views to fulfill your little heart.


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