I’ve been feeling pretty low these days, watching this great country of mine go down the eco-friendly toilet like a dirty wad of scratchy recycled toilet paper!
Then in the middle of the Teleprompter Kid’s boring speech about how he’s NOT going to kill your grandma — cross his heart and hope she doesn’t die! – Joe Wilson saved the day!
The only thing anybody will ever remember about the stupid speech was Congressman Joe Wilson yelling, “You lie!” at the President.
All the lefties flipped out — after they called Bush a liar for eight years, and booing HIS speeches, and sticking those “Bush Lied, People Died!” on the bumper stickers of their giant SUVs.
These losers call themselves “Liberals” and “Progressives”, but they should just start calling themselves the “Oh, But That’s Differents”!
Joe Wilson is my new hero! He’s like Paul Revere without the horse, or Patton without the potty mouth, or Dolly Madison without the cupcakes!
A hundred years from now, school kids will act out Joe Wilson’s great moment, wearing little red neckties made of construction paper.
Then last night, I see some rapper guy interrupting a poor little singer girl when SHE was giving a speech! He was the same rapper who said, “George Bush hates black people!” I hear he does this kind of thing all the time – maybe he hates white people!
But I think this rapper was just imitating his new hero, Joe Wilson!
That lady reporter Maureen Dowdy said Wilson was a racist for yelling, so I guess that rapper must be one too.
Now this rapper’s liberal friends will have to get mad at him now for being rude and racist.
Yep, I’ll be waiting for that to happen, right around the same time my pigs sprout wings and start flying around my barn!

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    • We need someone like Joe Wilson in the White House, he is not afraid to tell it like it is. I am sending him a contribution.

  1. Good for Joe Wilson… he, like millions of us, are tired of the same lies told over and over,, and the sneaky way this administration tries to slip agendas past the American People…saying one thing and doing another…. I am so sick of the race card,, which is all he has left,, it does not matter what color he is.. he is trying to take over as much as he can, as fast as he can, before the people wake up… thats his only hope but thank God, people are waking up, despite the liberal media coverups. I am going to look into Joe Wilson, so far he is a hero in my eyes…..


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