Your Weekly Star Guide
By Madame Malisa
Renowned medium & psychic

Mar. 21 – Apr. 19
All eyes are on you! You’re being tested for bigger and better things, and right now you’re looking really good. Keep it up! When you look good, you do good.
Use the weekend to get your act together for the final push. Then be prepared for life a lot higher on the hog.
Give a honey a call. Let them know you care a bushel and a peck!

Apr.20 – May 20
Let yourself go! Take the wraps off a talent you’ve never done much with. Practice makes perfect and before the season’s over, you’ll be making money with this wild and wonderful gift.
Somebody’s going to entice you into an evening of fun and games on Friday. Lie back and enjoy yourself.
You deserve all the snuggling and smooching that’s going.

May 21 – Jun. 20
Laugh in the face of fashion! You go on and do your own thing in your own special way. Don’t let fools try to tell “with-it” you what’s what.
A too-good-to-be-true offer is up for grabs on Tuesday. Take it! You can make it work better than anyone else in your family – but share the cash you make if you’re asked.
Don’t give up your weeknight TV!

Jun. 21 – Jul. 22
It takes two to tango! This is a week made in heaven for twosomes. Get together with the one that makes your heart throb and do some two-stepping.
Take that luxury gift that’s still in its store box out of the closet. Quit hoarding it. Enjoy it! You deserve it, not some rich relative!
A $20 bill is lying on a staircase just waiting for you to pick it up on Thursday.

Jul. 23 – Aug. 22
Beg, borrow or steal! Be aggressive. Take what you want although someone’s holding onto it with both hands right now. You – and your bank account – sure deserve it more than they do!
Get rid of that old-fashioned-stick-in-the-mud attitude. Let it all hang out in the field of romance. Your sweetie will make thrills run up and down your spine!
Listen to an old coot’s advice.

Aug. 23 – Sep. 22
Your luck’s in! You’ll be in fat city if you regularly – and this is the secret word – fill out entries in every contest going. Stuff you’ve only dreamed of owning is going to be delivered to your door before you know it.
You can make money selling prizes you don’t want.
One weekend night – you choose it – you’re called “hot stuff” because you’re so good at love!

Sep. 23 – Oct. 22
Sing a happy song! At least four days this week begin with a smile and end with you depositing a bill or two in your bank account because your luck’s in with numbers.
You’re feeling tip-top and looking good from head to toe.
Take advantage of being on top of the world and invite someone you’ve been making sheep’s eyes at to join in the fun.

Oct. 23 – Nov. 21
It’s bargains galore time! Give your spirits – and your body and home – a lift with all the good stuff that’s on sale for peanuts right now.
When it comes to handling a sticky situation with a whiner, you’re on the ball. They soon find out you won’t stand for backtalk!
You take a new route home on Tuesday and save someone’s precious pet from being run over.

Nov. 22 – Dec. 21
You can’t put a foot wrong! A project works out even better than you’d sworn it would.
Sincere congrats – and some folding green – come from someone you’ve been trying to impress. Way to go!
When you give a helping hand to a sweetie from the past, you’ll get back all those love letters you’d been asking for in vain. Now burn them!

Dec. 22 – Jan. 19
Streets are paved with gold! Spend both days of the weekend treasure hunting. You’ll find stuff any pawn shop will be thrilled to take off your hands.
Tell a cutie how you really feel. It’ll clear the air and you’ll both feel better. Now you’re free to unleash those silly urges you’ve kept secret for so long.
Dish up a dinner fit for royalty.

Jan. 20 – Feb. 18
Stars are in your eyes! A loved one tells you just what you’d like to hear and it sure puts a skip in your step. Look forward to the weekend because it’s going to be a dreamy one.
Loot that you’ve been owed for the past year is finally going to come home to you.
This “nest egg” should be the start-up of that little business you’ve always wanted.

Feb. 19 – Mar. 20
Stand by for the good times! You’ve got your act together and nobody’s going to rain on your parade this week.
Friends rally round for a surprise party! They’re spending money on balloons and goodies to thank you for being there whenever they needed a short loan.
You see the funny side of things when you slip on a banana peel and find a money clip of big bills.

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