I’m madder than a Baptist at Mardi Gras!
So the Communist-in-Chief finally got rid of Van “Bus” Jones, when another radical nut popped back into his life.
It’s true: remember that crazy Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who believes Jesus was an African A-rab or something, and Americas deserved to get killed on 9/11?
Obama said Reverend Wright wasn’t important in his life — even though the Teleprompter Kid went to the guy’s church for 20 years, and the Reverend baptized his two kids, and he took the name of his first book from the Reverend’s biggest sermon.
After all that, Obama told the old guy to get lost and stop making him look bad.
Well, you had to know Reverend Big Mouth couldn’t stay quiet for long.
Now there’s some video of Reverend Wright getting asked about the health care thing, and here’s what he said:
“Racists in the right wing are just upset because poor people are about to be helped.”
For once in my life, I think that crazy Reverend Wright might be onto something!
I’m pretty mad that poor people are getting free stuff – especially on my dime!
It’s pretty funny that poor people can afford all that junk food and booze and all those cigarettes – but suddenly can’t cough up the dough for the diabetes medicine they need after all that junk food and booze and smokes!
Anyhow, I bet Reverend Wright is all happy now that he’s back on TV. And that little interview, he drove a big car back to his big mansion. Last I heard, he was going to hang out with Professor Gates at his fancy vacation house, to have a couple of foreign beers!

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  1. Ed impregnated my sister.
    No, that's actually a good thing – we thought she was going to wind up a fat spinster. Once the baby comes along, she'll have something to talk about with the other single moms at the mall food court.


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