SALUDA, SC – A man had his burial wishes fulfilled, after being buried in his beloved 1973 Catalina with all of his guns!
Lonnie Holloway passed away last Thursday, after a fruitful 90 years of life. His family acquiesced to his burial wishes, and he was buried in his car at the Rock Hill Baptist Church. “This is what Mr. Holloway wanted,” said the pastor.
His cousin, Leila Dunn,said she wasn’t surprised by his strange requests, as he was a stylin’ and profilin’ kind of guy.”
“This was a day everyone should remember,” said Dunn. “It went down in history.”
More surprisingly, all of his guns were placed in the trunk of the car. Family members said he didn’t want them to get into the wrong hands, so he decided they’d go with him as well!
Rodney Minick, a wrecker owner, was contacted a year earlier, to find out if he would be open to helping with the funeral when the time came. The machine was used to lower the car into the massive grave.

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