After years of telling us not to call people “retarded” any more, the Democrats are using the word!
That big fat new health care law talks about hospitals taking care of “the mentally retarded”!
Between that, the United Negro College Fund and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – can somebody tell me how we’re supposed to talk anymore?
Even Obama doesn’t know. The Teleprompter Kid joked on Jay Leno that his bowling was “like the Special Olympics.”
How come liberals who get mad when people say words like “retarded” are EXACTLY the same folks who made fun of Sarah Palin’s baby? You have to go to college to figure out how to keep this political correctness stuff straight!
That’s why reporters today have to go to college. They have to know when to make fun of Sarah Palin for being Governor of Alaska, and when to make fun of her for quitting the job.
No wonder reporters get things so mixed up, like the New York Times getting the date of the moon landing wrong last week! Those reporters have a lot on their minds, like how their papers are going out of business!
Meanwhile, the same TV news that tells us to watch out for global warming gets the weather report wrong half the time.
Reporters also have to know when to keep quiet when the Communist-in-Chief does the same “stupid” things George Bush did. Sometimes Obama even comes up with new stupid things all by himself, like saying Hirohito signed the surrender papers after World War II when he didn’t.
The Communist-in-Chief isn’t just “making history” – now he’s making it up!

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  1. Hey! Aren't you supposed to be madder than a midget in a slam dunk contest??
    The government needs to re-title this bill: The Universal Government Health Delay System.
    Once the folks read this bill they'll realize the red tape that their government mandates and that emergency surgery they needed, they'll wait 6 months to hear back from the government for the okay and then another 6 months to schedule an appointment with a doctor, then another 6 months for the emergency surgery…
    Hopefully you get it by now!


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