ST. LOUIS, MO – A former MLB great has had some salt thrown on his wounds – by a family member!
Mark McGwire has recently been hired as the St. Louis Cardinals hitting coach. A step in the road to forgetting and forgiveness. Mark came out and admitted to using steroids in January and has said repeatedly that he has apologized for his actions and he’s simply trying to move on.
Well, Mark just hit a bump on the road. Jay McGwire, Mark’s lessor known and estranged brother, will be releasing a book that chronicles the two brothers usage of steroids. The brothers have not spoken since 2002, citing a variety of family disputes, and will certainly not be patching up relationships anytime soon.
The book, “Mark and Me: Mark McGwire and the Truth Behind BAseball’s Worst-Kept Secret,” will be released Monday. Jay, who is a former bodybuilder, writes about hassling Mark to take performance-enhancing drugs to recover from an increasing number of injuries. After many failed attempts, Mark finally gave in to his brother’s requests, and started consuming large doses of steroids in 1993.
Mark admitted publicly that he was deeply saddened that his estranged brother was writing a book that chronicled their use of PEDs. So upset, that he has basically ruled out reconciliation. “I don’t plan on ever seeing his again,” Mark told reporters yesterday.
“You try to be a good person, you try to take care of somebody, be a good brother,” said Mark. “It’s sort of sad. It’s a sad day for my family. I don’t know how a family member could do something like that.”

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2 thoughts on “MARK AND JAY MCGWIRE”

  1. Why hasn’t anyone pointed out that this book is the reason Mark made his steroids admission. News flash – books are not written in a month. So, if anything, we should thank Jay for forcing Big Mac’s half-confession/apology. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that one out. Oh, and also, Mark has taken PED's -Payday Enchancing Drugs!


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