BOCA RATON, FL – WWN correspondent, Dallas Commagreens, brings to the table the issue of which former or present athlete should be frozen for future generations to study! The world of sports and sports entertainment keeps evolving with every passing year. Advances in science and medicine helps athletes perform better and recover quicker. Regardless, there are a select few, that no matter what advances are made, have raised the bar to unreachable levels. These athletes, masters of their domains, should not only be revered for their accomplishments but also studied for what they brought to their respective fields. So let the debate commence.

We’ll start off with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Brahma Bull. Do you smell what he’s cooking? The Rock ignited wrestling rings wherever he went. His charisma and personality made him an ideal candidate for the world of wrestling entertainment. But it was his athletic prowess that set him apart from the rest. Having played collegiate football at The U (Miami), The Rock possessed physical attributes unmatched by anyone else in the ring. Ever since his departure, there has certainly been a void left unfilled.

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