NEW YORK, NY – The highly successful actor’s marriage may have just placed the straw that broke the camel’s back!
Dennis Hopper, 73, has requested and been granted a restraining order from his soon to be ex-wife, Victoria Duffy. Hopper is battling advanced prostate cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Along with his petition for a restraining order was a letter from a doctor declaring that his treatment for the cancer required the elimination of all unnecessary stress.
According to the restraining order, Duffy is not allowed to contact the star and is also forbidden to enter her husband’s main residence. Dr. David Agus, who has been Hopper’s main doctor, said, “The presence of his estranged wife is hampering Mr. Hopper’s present cancer care.” In addition, Hopper’s attorney, Joe Mannis, says that Victoria has “repeatedly subjected him to severe emotional distress.”
Despite it all, Hopper continues to remain positive and hopeful. “My doctors and I are hopeful that this treatment will be successful so that I may soon resume the full enjoyment of my life and work,” he said in a statement. There has been a positive note in all of this. A judge awarded Hopper daily visitation rights with the couple’s daughter, Galen.
The couple began their path to the end in January when Hopper filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. With the highly regarded and respected actor’s health deteriorating, one can only hope that the legal proceedings become cleared quickly so that Hopper can focus on his health.

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