HOUSTON, TX – Debra Medina self destructs on the Glenn Beck show.  Glenn Beck destructs right back.
Debra Medina appeared on the Glenn Beck radio program yesterday morning.  Coming from reasonable obscurity she is now one of the front runners in the race to be Governor of Texas.  Until yesterday when she admitted to believing that the government organized 9/11.  Further prodded by Beck she proceeded to crack completely from the pressure.  And Glenn Beck broke down right back!
On his radio program Beck asked Medina about rumors that she was a 9/11 Truther, a group that believes the government had a hand in organizing the World Trade Center attacks.  Medina avoided the question at first, claiming that the signal was getting bad.  She proceeded to make static noises into her phone.  Beck reminded Medina that she was on a landline and everyone could tell she was making the noises with her mouth, and then asked her again.  Medina avoided the question and started talking about her tax plans for Texas.
Beck, now angry and excited enough that he was sniffling between thoughts, asked her again if she believed there was any truth to the 9/11 rumors.  “It’s just, I can’t” Medina responded.  “THERE’S JUST TOO MANY QUESTIONS!!”  “NOOO!!!”  Glenn Beck was distraught to hear a conservative candidate he had endorsed admit to this.  “How can we know?” Medina continued.  “The movement raises good questions!!  Footage could have been doctored!  Witnesses could have been planted!  The government could have been behind the whole thing!!  WE DON’T KNOW!!”  Medina continued to ramble nervously while Beck in turn continued to cry into his microphone about the loss of a candidate he had such high hopes for.  He then alternated between crying and working himself into an angry froth.  He and Medina were each continued reacting to the others unintelligible ramblings.  They continued on like this for 14 minutes.
Debra Medina rose from political obscurity and rocketed to the forefront of the Governors race based on a grassroots conservative platform.  Throughout Texas she had gained immense grassroots support based on her policies for lower taxes and replacing sex ed in schools with gun ownership and marksmanship.  “Both help keep our little girls from getting pregnant, but my way takes the offensive!”  Her official policy towards the Mexican border was “Shoot first, ask questions later,” which then became her campaign slogan.  Now her chances in the gubernatorial race are seen as highly unlikely.
Medina and her team are desperately trying to do damage control on yesterday’s outburst.  Publicists issued a statement yesterday afternoon that the entire segment was a comedy routine that she and Beck had written beforehand.  Medina herself went online and wrote “I in no way am a member of the 9/11 Truth movement.  I believe in the World Trade Center was attacked by Muslim terrorists.  And that both buildings fell straight down like an organized demolition, despite how unlikely that seems.  I would never tell other Americans what they can or cannot think, and would hope the good citizens of Texas feel the same.”  Political experts agree that in Texas it’s still a tossup whether this will help or hinder her.

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8 thoughts on “DEBRA MEDINA”

  1. Please don't post creative crap and call yourself a real journalist with a tagline that you are the world's reliable news. The facts published in more reliable publications and the actual voice recordings on youtube.com greatly discredit you.
    My property, taxes, and rights under the constitution are at stake here as it is for all the great citizens of Texas.

    • So sad…this is a JOKE / SATIRICAL mag – get over yourself and don't read it if you don't have a sense of satire, humor, etc…geez!! This PC crud is really irking me – we, the real readers who've read WWN since its inception way back when, come here to get the real world off our minds and then people like you Lynn, are messing up our laugh time – take your down attitude over to CNN or some other 'real' news place and leave us to enjoy just a little laugh in this otherwise dismal world.

  2. I am getting really sick and tired of all your PhotoShop retouching. Show Medina and Beck as they really appear and stop airbrushing out thier imperfections!!!

    • Billy – take your bad attiude and hit the road, Jack, or maybe put your beer goggles on for chrissakes it's a JOKE / SATIRICAL magazine – what is wrong with this world that people can't laugh at a good joke – I feel like you and Lynn (in the post above) need to get together and marry and have a very hateful, boring and ugly life as you're both too stupid to understand a joke when you see / hear one. You know, they do say that the more intelligent you become, the better your sense of humor is…so what does that make you and Lynn (I.Q. of what….20?) Probably…lighten up people…this is supposed to be where we can have fun!

    • Ummm, apparently you are the one who is unable to identify 'jokes' and 'satire'. Billy was making a joke in his post. Reread it. He said to stop airbrushing out their imperfections. He basically said quit making them look better than how they really look. Billy is funny. I find sarcasm humorous too – but a beligerant response is not funny. Try to pay attention next time.

  3. Now that I've tried to comment to the humorless – I have to say I love your sense of hilarity in all situations – and that goes for all the writers of WWN – Thanks for having the hutspa to put the funny stuff out there PC or not 😉 It means there's one place I can still go to get a chuckle despite being downtrodden in a facist society where humor is something people frown upon (see Lynn's and Billy J Bradley's posts – humorless automatons if ever there were). I fly free and happy as a lark after getting my daily chuckles and think that if people don't like it then why do they read. What I do miss is sitting in the bathroom with the real mag doing the puzzles!!

  4. Sorry "Reggie," your article has been debunked and mutilated . I highly suggest that you re-look at the facts surrounding what she said and what, for example Sarah Palin has said. In fact Palin is more on route to the truthers movement than Medina. Where's you article on that? I suggest you go watch this. It's more informative than this garbage, if you allow it on here that is.


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