RUNAWAY BAY, TX – A man in Texas found what he believes to be a chupacabra on a golf course!
Tony Potter was on the Runaway Bay golf course when he noticed something lying near hole 14. Upon closer inspection, it was a dead, unknown creature!

It is a brown, hairless animal with inch-long toes, curved claws, long hind legs and oversize canine teeth.
“This is a weird little critter,” Potter said. “This is not a coyote. This is not a dog.”
It has none of the accompanying lesions that occur with mange, the usual explanation for debunking chupacabra findings. Unsure of what it was, he took it to a veterinarian, who also was unable to identify it.
Chupacabra sightings generally occur in the States in Texas. Potter believes this specimen is a juvenile male.
[Image credit: WC Messenger]

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  1. That would be a hairless raccoon. The only animals with feet like that are raccoons and opossums… skull structure and ears are very different on a opossum, so that leaves raccoon. If you google image hairless raccoon, there is a live critter that looks almost identical… slightly different color. Cool Find!

  2. This story was posted by my nephew Brandon Evans who works for the Wise County Messenger in Decatur, TX. The photographer was Messenger's own Joe Duty.


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