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VIRGINIA – Dick Cheney is writing his memoirs.  Weekly World News has acquired an advance look at the torrid tale of his relationship with President Bush.
Former Vice President Dick Cheney surprised the world by saying he would publish a memoir.  For years he has been famous for his obsession with privacy.  Now, turning a new leaf, the former Vice President has been seen walking along the beach handwriting his book while sipping mint juleps.  He writes everything down in cursive on parchment, a detail he says his publishers must recreate in the release of the book.
The book is set to focus on his relationship with President Bush, describing first their interdependent closeness which in time turned into a cold distance.  He writes “it was a cold day that October morning.  I came in for the morning briefing with an extra mocha latte for George.  It took an extra twenty minutes out of my morning, but he liked them and I know he’s been under stress.  I went to hand it to him, but he didn’t notice.  He was too busy reading popularity polls.  ‘Here you go Mister President, your favorite.’  All he could be bothered to say was a quick ‘Thanks’ before going back to his paper.  I felt so stupid, standing there waiting for his approval.  Quickly I excused myself from the Oval Office, went in the bathroom and cried.  I was so mad, so hurt, I wanted to shoot a man in the face.”
Later in the book he writes “Things had been so different between us, I didn’t know who he was anymore.  It was like those days on the ranch had never happened.  Where was the warm cowboy who never cared what people thought and would laugh with me while starting a war.  Standing in front of me was a Washington apologist who lived and died by his approval polls.  Had that man even existed?  Was it all just a beautiful dream?  No.  It was real.  I knew because I still had the flower in my breast pocket.  The one he gave me.”
And towards the end.  “It was all over now.  There was nothing left to say between us.  Quietly I took the flower out of my pocket and placed it on his desk, where I knew he’d find it.  Next to it was the note  ‘…From Turdblossom.'”
No release date has been set for the book.

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  1. The irony of a sociopathic dictator, the only feelings what count are his own, while marching out unapologetic for all the atrocities commited. Three words come to mind, "grow a spine".


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