sand painting

KIEV, UKRAINE – Ukrainian artist Kseniya Simonova just won the Ukraine’s version of “America’s Got Talent” using Sand Drawing.  With a little sand and a lot of skill she tells the story of the German invasion and occupation of Ukraine in World War II.
Watch Below!


  1. This spectacular art form with beautiful background music has an almost eerie and supernatural look to it, almost as if the girls mind had been briefly possessed by the lost souls of the war. The speed and accuracy of sand art makes you wonder whether there is any computer wizardry behind it, but it is indeed live and tangible. What would probably add more doubt in a sceptic is that not only is this art so majestic that it seems surreal, but also that Kseniya is such a beautiful looking girl. I can see this style of art and craft becoming increasingly popular among artists and enthusiasts alike because of this impressive show. But like any form of art, you will only produce remarkable results if ……….'youve got talent.'

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