Teleprompter Jesus obviously doesn’t know his butt from his elbow and it’s only Day 50.

So he just cut off the money so poor kids can get to go to the same fancy school his own kids go to. But the Communist-in-Chief is setting up a million-dollar scholarship thing for a bunch of foreigners! Not just your ordinary, average weirdo foreigners mind you, but those Paleostynians. Guess now they’ll learn how to make even better bombs in chemistry class!

Plus: I hear the tacky movies Obama gave that British guy don’t even work in English movie machines, and the British guy’s half blind anyhow! I’m surprised the Teleprompter Kid didn’t give the man a Sham Wow and a Chia Pet. Even a Snuggie with the Presidential seal would’ve been better.

Isn’t Oprah Obama’s friend? He should hire her as White House politeness boss – she knows to give people cars and all kinds of fancy crap. Heck, Obama got some fake homeless lady a new house but he can’t spring for a decent present for a big shot, even he was a fruity Englishman who talks funny? Sounds like more communism to me.

Obama says he’s tired already! Yep, it must be pretty hard sitting in a big fancy chair all day, yakking on the phone and signing pieces of paper (with your left hand – just like the Antichrist!)

Not to mention hiring all those people he had to fire for turning out to be crooks or crazies. And I’m pretty sure that fellow he’s got running his press conferences is a pinhead I saw at the carnival once.

I bet my pal Barney a new oxygen tank that Obama’s gonna get kicked out for stupidity. Rush Limbaugh wants Obama to fail cuz it’ll get him a new private jet, but your friend Ed’ll settle for a fresh can of air!

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  1. But we just call her Dope-rah…she used to be on crack…way back when…I don't hold to her ways…and/or reading suggestions and such….she seems very fake to me and I don't pledge allegiance to her. I won't pledge allegiance to him either, because I STILL think that John Kerry / John Edwards would've been the best knowing what I know about what they'd wanted to do and had the potential to do for our great country.

    So this last election I voted for Mickey Mouse for President, Goofy for Vice President, etc…the whole Disney and Looney Toons character sets as write ins since it seems to not matter – the media pix the Pres not the people.

    *sigh* It's just a wait it out and hope for the best situation from where I stand.

  2. I would like to have read your opinions of the previous GOOF-BALL president – the Retard from Texas. It appears that you make this about race, and you obvious feel that white is right. You're dead wrong. Our economy and other problems were not created by our current president, yet you will sit back and reap the benefits of Barack Obama's Major Clean-Up-Job that he will definitely complete. Get your head out of your rear end and see what's really going on.


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