ROME – An Italian researcher recorded footage of the asteroid 2009 DD 45 that recently passed by, and discovered a UFO near it!

The asteroid made a very close pass by the Earth, at only 40,000 miles. After reviewing video of the rock, some scientists noticed an object that must move in order to avoid collision. What is it? Skeptics are speculating that it could be just a bug on the telescope, but what are the odds of it moving at that exact moment?


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23 thoughts on “UFO SPOTTED NEAR ASTEROID 2009 DD 45”

    • I believe too believer!! The universe is a magical place with many unexplained things that go on, only the pragmatists will not have a least a hint of doubt as to what it was and by the way if it wasn't a UFO then the non-believers should tell us exactly what it was πŸ™‚

    • I'll tell you what it was, it was a hot pixel. The telescope is gradually drifting due to guiding errors, but to make the time lapse animation the individual exposures are re-aligned so that the stars appear to stay frozen. The hot pixel, which is actually frozen in one place on the chip, then seems to move – it's tracing out the direction the telescope moved during the imaging session. I have the same type of telescope and get the same effect when I do time lapse videos.

  1. That is my ex-wife. Her driving skills are atrocious. She can't read a map to save her life. I'll never forget when she insisted on driving from LA to Vegas and we would up in the Orion Nebula.

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    • Hey that's a good one Yshatar…maybe they were…like uh space angels…helping to save us from certain disaster πŸ™‚ I totally believe…truth is almost always stranger than fiction.

  3. BS… This is super OLD video I saw on a UFO show back some 10-15 years ago. What was described then was that it was a UFO in our planets orbit, taking evasive maneuvers to avoid an incoming missile.

  4. A very long time ago in the mountains above San Diego, friends and I saw something of that sort in the sky, but it looked like 6 stars that then moved into a V formation, and shot out in different directions and came back into a circle formation. We were high enough up in altitude to see a sattelite passing, it took a full minute to cross the night sky (in our vision) and then we saw an airplane (Boeing 747) cross it took 3 minutes to pass from horizon to horizon. The star-things were moving without time / instantaneously. There were 7 of us up there unfortunately that was before the digital age and since we were camping (1980) we didn't bring cameras it was all about experience.

    This looks like maybe a cousin to that experience. The universe is so huge and if they're right about an infinite number of universes, parallel universes and even tiny universes….who's to say it's not a special visitor….might even be us coming back through time to talk with our past selves!!

  5. Very interesting idea. I'm doubtful though. Even if it was a UFO, who/whatever is driving it drives very crazily. However, it is strange that it does dart in a straight line when the asteroid approaches.

  6. Not going to say "yes" or "no". However, I will say this: if the argument is "but what are the odds of it moving at that exact moment?", I could easily respond that they are the same odds of it NOT moving at that exact moment. And if it does NOT move at that exact moment then is it a bug?

  7. Even if it was a UFO (and by definition this one has not been identified), using a section of "space" (which is, I gather, rather deep) viewed "side-on" does not qualify as a "near" in my book πŸ™‚

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