Legendary Weekly World News columnist Ed Anger has suffered a debilitating break down brought on by the election results. According to his son, Ed Anger, Jr., Mr. Anger was found in his den slumped over his typewriter beneath his John Wayne portrait.

Mr. Anger was at work on a column for the Weekly World News when he collapsed. The page in his typewriter read:
“I’m madder than a voting official in an ACORN office, in my life I never thought this country would elect a asdjkhjaskdghjlasg”
Mr. Anger was brought to St. Malachy’s hospital and is currently non-responsive and on a ventilator.
Mr. Anger, the legendary Weekly World News columnist was the one, the only, the original right-wing narrowminded conservative commentator.
For nearly three decades, Mr. Anger’s ink never bled as he set out on a one man crusade to pave the rainforests, give schoolteachers stun guns, fry death row creeps, put the Berlin wall back up and get his overweight daughter to be more like Vanna White.
Mr Anger, a veteran of the Korean War, regularly found fault with Communists, women, overweight children, liberals, gays, the French, vegetarians and Latino immigrants.
While never the picture of health, Mr. Anger had regular check ups and physicals and did not have symptoms of any particular ailments according to his son, Ed Anger Jr.
It appears last night’s events have been more than this beleaguered white male could handle.
His work was profiled by the New York Times in July of 2007.
Real Americans: send well wishes to Ed Anger, leave your comments below for Anger and his family to read.

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  1. Yes dearest ed I missed your commentary for those long monts that I didn't know about weekly world news .com or that it and you were featured in the sun I would like to send my best well wishes to you and would suggest to whomever screens these you get the magicians in on this bring him back if not then contact him by crystal ball after his passing and keep the column going forever from the afterlife.

  2. I don't always agree with Ed, but I admire his courage in being the only right-wing political commentator to admit to brain-damage! (Although I'm sure he's not the only one.)
    Zhu Bajie

  3. Ed Anger is right on the money. Why not just hand over our country to the terrorist. OH WAIT WE DID. Good-bye OLD GLORY . WE had a good run


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