WWN has learned that President Obama lip-synced his inaugural address.
One day after learning that Beyonce lip-synced the Star Spangled Banner at  President Obama’s second inauguration, sources tell WWN that President Obama also lip-synced his inaugural address.

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during swearing-in ceremonies on the West front of the U.S Capitol in Washington

“He wanted it to be perfect and he doesn’t trut the teleprompter anymore,” said a source in The White House.  “Also, there was a strong wind blowing and it was a little chilly.  The President was afraid that the elements would affect, what we all feel, was the greatest speech ever given by a President.”
Four years ago, the President flubbed his Oath of Office, so the President was reportedly a bit nervous.   Insiders tell WWN that the President practiced his speech in the mirror several times on the morning of the inauguration, but in the end felt that a pre-recorded version would be better.
“The President is a perfectionist.  He wanted the speech to be perfect. And it was,” reportedly said top White House aide, Valerie Jarret.
Fans of the President didn’t mind.  “Who cares?  I’m sure Abraham Lincoln would have lip-synced if he could.  He’s the President.  He should be able to do whatever he wants,” said Obama supporter, Will Marksman.
Beyonce and the President congratulated each other on their lip-sync performances.


Many Republicans were upset that the President lip-synced.  “Everything the President does is fake.  He thinks the national debt is imaginary, too.”
Manti Te’o told WWN that he feels duped by the President.  “At least I acknowledged that I had a fake girlfriend.  The President won’t even admit he was lip-syncing.”


There are also rumors that the President didn’t put his hand on two bibles for his oath.  “He was putting his hand on a copy of The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Rules for Radicals by Sol Alinsky,” said a top White House aide.
The White House told WWN that the President plans to keep lip-syncing.  “He loves it”

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  1. I could tell he was lip-syncing, same with Beyonce, and the band was pre-recorded. It is really easy to tell with a high definition TV.


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